Muslims harrass Montreal shoe shop for selling Israeli shoes

Below the article, is a first hand account of someone who went there today to buy shoes. A fellow known to this blog’s mother in fact. Thanks for the extra info M.

From Montreal Gazzette:

MNA Amir Khadir unapologetic for picketing store that sells Israeli-made shoes

Photograph by: Dave Sidaway, Gazette file photo

Québec solidaire leader Amir Khadir is making no apologies for asking clients to boycott a family-owned shoe store in his own riding because it sells shoes made in Israel.

“Just because a business is in my riding, I am not going to abandon my principles,” Khadir, member of the National Assembly for Mercier, told The Gazette on Friday.

Khadir participated in a demonstration last Saturday in front of Le Marcheur shoe store on St. Denis St. at Duluth Ave., handing out flyers asking customers to boycott the store until it stopped selling Israeli-made shoes.

The demonstration was organized by Palestinian and Jewish Unity, a Montreal-based human rights group that advocates for the right of Palestinians to live in safety.

Khadir said he was asked to join the demonstration by PAJU members, and that he has participated in other PAJU demonstrations, in front of Chapters bookstore, for example, and the Israeli consulate.

PAJU has been holding regular pickets outside the Le Marcheur store since early October, because the store sells Beautifeel shoes, a brand made in Israel.

Yves Archambault, owner of Le Marcheur, said he was “sickened” to learn his own MNA was picketing his store.

“I was sickened to see him distributing flyers and stopping people who were coming into the store to tell them they shouldn’t support a business that sells Israeli products,” Archambault said.

“In Quebec we have free enterprise, and as long as it is legal, nobody has the right to tell me what I can and cannot sell in my store,” he said.

Archambault said he is “completely apolitical” and does not follow politics here or abroad. He admits he had no idea who Khadir was, until some of his employees told him.

He said he feels personally attacked by the picketers, and Khadir’s participation has made it worse.

Khadir emailed Archambault a few weeks before participating in the picket to ask him to stop selling Israeli-made products, and to explain the PAJU’s reasons for demanding a boycott of Israeli-made products and stores that sell them.

Archambault said he did not respond, because he is not interested in talking about politics.

“I don’t care where my products come from. I only care about comfort and quality,” he said.

But Khadir said business owners need to be made aware of their own power to make change. He says his party supports business but wants to get away from the “Walmart economy” and move toward fair and responsible commerce.

“Gandhi said: ‘Business without conscience is a crime,’ and buying and selling is voting,” Khadir said.

“Mr. Archambault doesn’t have to know everything, but when Jimmy Carter and Desmond Tutu are saying that Israel is practising apartheid, he has to take it seriously,” Khadir said.

Archambault said he has no intention of changing his product line.

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Québec solidaire MNA Amir Khadir attends a protest organized by Solidarity for Palestinian Human Rights in 2008. Khadir has participated in many pro-Palestinian rallies, including a demonstration outside a shoe store last Saturday organized by Palestinian and Jewish Unity.

Below is a first hand account of attempting to buy a pair of shoes at Le Marcheur in Montreal by a reader of Vlad:

My mother just came back from purchasing Israeli-made shoes from the store in down town Montreal that is being subjected to a boycott because it sells Israeli-made shoes. Twenty people showed up to buy shoes after Eric Duhaime called on Montrealers to show solidarity with the embattled store owner. She, with others, was greeted by about a hundred threatening Arabs with Hezbollah flags shouting anti-Semitic slogans and blocking the street completely. She says that several intimidating Arabs took her picture as she was going inside and one was even filming. One young Arab called her a Jewish sow. The store owner is getting death threats and is seriously depressed. He said that he won’t give in to these terrorists’ demands. But how long can he keep it up before going out of business? Montreal in 2010.

Below the more, a translation from a French paper by Bear:

Embarrassed by the active presence and a demonstration encouraging the boycott of a small business in his district, the deputy Amir Khadir attempted to explain himself yesterday by stating there was a “huge misunderstanding” between himself and the shoe dealer Yves Archambeault.

Last Saturday, out of solidarity the Quebec deputy positioned himself in front of the Boutique Le Marcheur on St-Denis St to distribute pamphlets calling for a boycott of Mr. Archambeault’s business under the pretext that a few models of a brand of shoes were Israeli-made.

During an interview for the paper, the owner said he was disgusted to find himself harassed and intimidated in this manner by his own deputy. “It’s a terrible misunderstanding; it’s forbidden, the deputy said on the microphone of Benoi Dutrizac of 98.5 FM. I will go see him to tell him I do not want to be a nuisance. I just want to make a little headway with him to see how we can solve this problem he brought up.”

This problem in the eyes of the deputy is the politics of the Israeli government, which he accuses of imposing apartheid on the Palestinians. Mr Khadir says he believes boycotts like the one at the boutique Le Marcheur can bring an end to this situation, just as in the case of South Africa in the 1980s.

“I have bad news for you, Amir Khadir,” replied the host. “It is not by protesting in front of the boutique Le Marcheur of St-Denis St that change will come.”

“It is small gestures everywhere..” replied M. Khadir

The deputy opens the door elsewhere for boycotts of other businesses that may be selling Israeli products. “If you find others, we will have to call upon boycotters to do the same thing. We will not discriminate. We will encourage everyone to make a responsible gesture,” he insisted.

According to him, Israel must be boycotted more than China, for example, because it is an excessively strong country.

“In Israel there is a state of apartheid. China is not there yet. We’re not talking about the same thing,” he said, without mentioning that China is a totalitarian country and non-democratic. Also occupying Tibet by the strength of its executions.

Changing Tone, Amir Khadir continues to say he is ready to “encourage people to go to the boutique (Le Marcheur) to purchase things other than Israeli products.”

However, the owner is adamant in stating: the deputy was inciting his clients verbally not to enter his shop. During the demonstration on Saturday, the deputy, accompanied by other protesters, requested that he come out of his boutique to discuss it with them.

According to Mr. Archambeault the context was rather intimidating. “He said, are you the owner? Me, I said no, but his friend next to him said yes, I was.” So Khadir said to me: “Come out on the street, we’ll talk together.” I said no, and he said “Me, I don’t go into your business,” but I did not go and discuss it with him; I knew it would be wasted time.

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47 Replies to “Muslims harrass Montreal shoe shop for selling Israeli shoes”

  1. This has to be stopped and real soon, the problem is the leftist politicians don’t want to stop it since they are using the unrest to take more rights away from people.

  2. Attempt to control commerce?
    That’s not a Western policy. That is the despotism of the Orient.
    Call it what it is.
    Outlaw it.
    People can buy & sell what they damn well please.

  3. I have no tolerance for these unwelcome varmints. Muslims must be expelled from the west. Their message is hate and murder. They attack as a gang and must be expulsed as a gang.

    In canada, all we have are wimps as politicans. Le Bloc Quebecois pander to this vermin for votes to keep them in office and their pensions when they do finally leave. The Quebecois are stoo stupid not to vote for them.

    Now its Jews. Tomorrow its Christians. The day after its Hindus praying at a temple. Then there are the honor killings while are politico pussies are afraid to say a word.

  4. Solidaire Quebec is a hard core left wing group full of whiners and those seeking money from the govt. I believe that if succesful, their numbers will only increase.

    Who is financing them?

  5. I met some Jewish French Canadians, in Toronto 10 years ago. I was told that back then even Jews were leaving for fear of this very thing and the antisemitism that was rife in Montréal.

  6. To Muslims, life is cheap, infidels are to be used and dominated by force, and their hallmark is to be perpetually the victim. It’s time that we enforce against antisocial behavior. There is no place in our society for mob behavior. These fifth columns and their enablers will take a hard fall very soon.

  7. If the shoe store has a website, and is willing to sell their products online, kindly post a link. I will make every effort to buy a pair of Israeli made shoes and have it shipped to my home. I recently made another large $ purchase for my home. I purchased granite composite counter tops that are manufactured in Israel. IMHO, this product is even better than granite since it is permanently sealed and requires no extra maintenance.
    While Khadr stands by his principles, there’s no reason in the world to give in to this intimidation . . .locals don’t need to stand alone against Khadr. We can and should promote/secure allies that stand with our own principles.

  8. I wish I lived close by so I could go there and buy a pair. It is sickening that so many misled people listen to these Islamic extremists. If they do not like how things are done here they should feel free to return to Iran or one of the other crap holes they came from and don`t let the door hit them in the butt on the way out!!! I would suggest a counter boycott against Islamic or Muslim goods but they do not make anything that anyone with taste would want to buy. In fact I can not think of anything they excel at except protesting about the skills of everyone that is not like them… BRAIN DEAD.

  9. All we can do is pray and support politicians who will fight this evil, please don’t get discouraged, this war has just begun and we will win in the long run.

  10. It was only a matter of time. To me, the only surprise was that it took this long. As far as Mr Khadir is concerned, I guess he only supports those constituents who share his world view and to hell [ literally ] with the rest of them. Hardly what I would call a Canadian value.

  11. Here is Mr. Archambault email:

    Please let us encourage him to sell online. What an excellent idea. Let us make good from these business invaders and intimidators! This should be illegal. It really gives a bad image to mulsims.

    Is there anyone that you know who can activate his his web site to organize him to sell online?
    Here is the web site for his Boutique Le Marcheur:

  12. I sent the link of this page to my MNA deputé copying M. Archambault. I also wrote to M. Kahdir, the one responsable for organizing the intimidation with other muslims. Here is M. Kahdir’s email, let us express our disaproval of his inacceptable tactics towards a poor merchant trying to earn a living. It should be outlawed to intimidate customers for a political reason. Poor judgment, ridiculous strategy.
    “Amir Khadir”

  13. Intimidation needs to be met with intimidation. Canada needs a Defence League PDQ. There is only one thing that the simian retards of the Jihad understand and that thing is brute force applied by patriots. Simples.

  14. That personal account is a complete hoax.

    The real story is that revelations about Khadir’s involvement in this bullying campaign against a family-run business has generated a deep wave of indignation in Quebec. Some 150 citizens came out to support the shoe store and more are organizing a support campaign for the store. Outside there was the usual 20 communist comrades of Amir Khadir looking rather foolish. None were holding Hezbollah flags and most were not of Arab or Muslim origin.

  15. David Ouellette:

    I know the man who sent it to me. I will ask him to verify, but he is a serious person and would not make this up. He also holds an important position.

  16. What is the brand name of the shoes made in Israel so I can go purchase some? Second I’m sick of them bringing their hatred and century old fueds and holy war into the west if they care about the people of Palestine so much move there and leave this nation alone. Israel is not an apartied state, the Gaza strip on the other hand is a repressive apartied state denying the inhabitants access to the rest of Palestine.

  17. I didn’t think Muslims cared much about shoes. Or socks, for that matter. I thought they mostly preferred to wear “jesus-boots” (sandals).

  18. In Gaza, Muslims are actually killed if they sell land to Jews. Sell mind you. Meanwhile, in Israel, Arabs of all kinds and Muslims galore own land outright with the same legal rights as anyone else. So which place is apartheid?

  19. I sent Mr. Ouellette’s concerns to my source on this and here is the response.

    “Keep in my mind that Quebec is the most Left-wing, most anti-Semitic, most pro-Arab province in Canada and Amir Khadir the most popular politician. The facts speak for themselves: a store owner is subjected to a vicious boycott because he has the temerity to also sell shoes made in Israel. A provincial MP was distributing anti-Israel pamphlets in front of his store. Yesterday, a substantial group of people (my mother saw Middle Easterners) was harassing blocking the street while harassing passersby. They were flying Arab flags (my mother says some of them looked like a Hezbollah flag; do you have any doubts that they’re Hezbollah sympathizers?). They were photographing and filming people walking in, why? She saw between 70 to 100 protesters and about 20 people inside. Where’s the hoax? I think David Ouellette has a credibility problem and ulterior motives.

    I tend to find that quite an acceptable response. I will however try and get down there myself, assuming this is an ongoing thing, and try and see it for myself.

  20. An acceptable response? Ulterior motives?

    Please take the time to peruse my latest blog entry:

    Let me know if you see hundreds of Arabs with Hezbollah flags.

    Type Le Marcheur in my blog’s search box. You will see I was the first and only blogger to monitor this disgusting campaign from its onset.

    Since last Thursday, leading Quebec opinion makers have denounced this campaign. The Journal de Montreal ran 3 columns and 2 feature articles to expose this hateful campaign. Mario Dumont, former ADQ leader, dedicated two editions of his current affairs show to expose Khadir and his comrades. Yesterday, leading opinion makers joined about 150 mostly non Jewish Quebecers and came to the store yesterday to support the owner. There is a grassroots support campaign on Facebook spearheaded by non-Jewish Quebecers. Outside, there were at most 20 people picketing wearing Santa Claus hats, not Hezbollah flags.

    Check the facts before concluding you received an acceptable response from someone who did not even witness yesterday’s event.

  21. I live in Quebec and I do not believe that Quebec is so anti-semetic. I have had many francophone clients and my share of francophone females and I worked for many years in a francophone setting in Montreal.

    The francos, despite their provincial attitude towards language are not bad people nor did i ever feel a target of slurs when I worked with them.

    Are they ignorant of the ME and Jews? Yes.

    Are they naive about arab muslims and their affilaition with the left? Yes but they are slowly learning.

    Yes it is true that many Quebecois support arabs because they speak french and yes, in the 1970s and 1980s many quebecois intellectuals (so-called) sported kaffiyehs.they were brainwashed by their own “culture de salon”.

    I wish that Israel was surrounded by a billion Quebecois instead of the muslim trash that now exists and has entered this country.

    Bash the young franco “intellectuals” who have jam for brains and their left wing sick puppy profs. Or bash Israel for not taking out the garbage and not being a bully. I agree with that!

    I can tell you stories of young girls in Montreal who fell for these arab lowlifes only to regret it 9 months later.

    But that part of Montreal is full of arab lowlifes. Especially on a saturday night.

    But it is time to expell these rodents. iagree with Fjordman and I am willing to contributing $500 to Vlad get that movement off the ground.

    Enough for me – back to work

  22. Hi, happy we could straighten this out. The picketing is every Saturday but there should not be any for the next two weeks because of the holidays. There was never more than 20 picketers, most of the time they are only 10 to 12. Islamists are as of yet uninvolved. This really is a group of far left activists, some of whom affiliated with the Quebec and Canada communist parties. Impossible that your source’s mother witnessed anything like your source says. I was there all afternoon. The real story here is the wave of indignation among Francophone Quebecois. The event is not very film-worthy, the picketers being quite disciplined and beyond the apartheid slogans do not make any offensive remarks.

  23. The shoes in question are most likely NAOT

    They are the brand most like to be sold, as they are the most popular

    I bought one pair in a retial store and another on line. both within Australia. You cannot buy them on the web, from the company.

    Here’s the search for things “NAOT” in Canada;_ylt=Am8hPQZTF1HsocH1BHq2HmYt17V_?fr=yfp-t-715-s&toggle=1&cop=mss&ei=UTF8&p=naot%20canada

  24. Excuse moi Monsieur Ouellete but what does ” Quebec and Canada” mean?I have heard this stupid term so many times in my life.

    When I hear this, I say to myself, here comes bs.

  25. “Are the leftist trying to separate Quebec from Canada again?

    As an outsider, this is the impression we get of Canada anyhow.

  26. It is sickening that this persian person comes to Quebec and imports his hate from the country that claims has no gays. Why does this MNA attack a French Quebecer trying to make a living honestly and is not breaking any laws in quebec. The French store owner pays taxes so this persian MNA can get paid a beautiful pension for life. This MNA does not even support the gays in Iran who the Iranian leader says does not exist. It is obvious he imported hate into quebec. We must boycott this MNA who attacks honest Quebecers who pay taxes. How dare this MNA who is only paying politics so he can get lots of money from the generous govt who overpays MNA and who will give him money when he retires. MOst Quebecoise do not get this and we only pay taxes

  27. The Moslem is just doing what Mohammad told him to do, spread Islam in any way he can, and to attack and kill the Jews in any way he can. The politicians on the other hand is in my opinion lower on the food chain then the Moslem and deserves anything the voters want to do with him.

  28. I think it’s time we start boycotting their places. How about Amir’s because they “might” be associated with Hamas and all those terrorists or how about adonis….they are supplying would be terrorists……. how about that?? we’re going to have to fight fire with fire……… and i’m not backing down. This Amir Khadir I WANT HIS RESIGNATION NOW……….this means he does not like Jews in which he should represent the jews in his district……… this is total blasphemy………

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