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6 Replies to “Might be time to short sell the Euro”

  1. If I knew about the mechanics of doing it, I would love to. I would like nothing more – except to see an arab city on fire – than to watch the euro crash and burn.

    No more $$ for UNRWA and other palie groups.

  2. You can’t control the money. You can create an environment where people are able to generate wealth and there is trust in the system, or you can create an artificial economy which never works, people lose faith in the system, no wealth is created and it collapses horrifically. So Stalin, as in everything else, was wrong.

  3. Infidel Guy selling short is selling something you don’t have gambling that the price will fall before you have to deliver what you have sold. If the price falls you make out like a bandit, if it raises you lose big time.

    This is the first time that I have heard Italy listed as one of the nations needing a bailout, I knew they were in trouble but thought Spain would be next, not Italy. And what the political class and the talking heads don’t want you to know is that Greece will need bailing out again sometime this year. Watch closely what is going on in Portugal then, this will probably bring Ireland down again and bring down Portugal. Then you need to watch Spain and Italy they are probably going to be the next to fall, if the EU holds together and massive violence doesn’t break out all over Europe.

  4. This is if you look at debt only. If you look at exposure to foreign investment, then Austria is in much more trouble than Portugal, Spain or Italy. If investors get nervous and pull out of the Eurozone, Austria and Belgium will be in much more trouble than the debtor nations although Greece is at the top of both charts, debt to GDP and amount of foreign debt.

    Here is a link to a report that is a little surprising on this.


    Not sure if all can see it though, it may require a Stratfor membership.

  5. Thanks Eeyore, I haven’t been following foreign investments since I left accounting. This does put a new slant on things, but still makes it more likely that the EU is going to go down the tubes over the next 6 months. I am putting that time limit on it since according to what I have been reading the re-inflated housing bubble is due to burst again withing 6 months. I realize that bring down wages and prices is going to help the world economy in the long run, but in the short run a lot of people are going to be hurt and the collapse will probably be the spark that ignites the next major world war.

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