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4 Replies to “Come visit Greece where every day is celebrated with fireworks and Greek sounds a lot like Arabic”

  1. fire hoses? no. rubber bullets? no. real bullets? no. how in heavens name do they expect to control this? these maniacs would happily kill the police and they are trying to do it with impunity. something seriously wrong with policing in greece.

  2. An old fashioned tripod, machine gun and mags will stop this. Survivors win a bottle of Ouzo and an all dressed souvlaki.

    It’s a little funny watching the EU zone self destruct.

    But it is not just the EU. Even Israel allowed the intifada to go on and on and on and on. If Israel plays by Marquis of Queensberry rules, they wll never destroy Hamas or Hezbola.

    I hope that all of this fear of crowds of lazy thugs is temporary.

    Time to end this malaise and wrap things up.

  3. Look for the Greek riots to spread as the economic problem gets worse, Germany doesn’t have enough money to bail out the rest of the EU, and the US can’t give anymore to the IMF. This leaves the Chinese that are in the beginnings of a massive inflation problem brought on by their printing money to bribe their people to remain calm. The Marxist/Socialist/Keynesian economics that the West has followed for 70 to 80 years is now being shown as a major mistake. During the Great Depression if the usual fixes (cut taxes, cut government spending, cut government payroll) had been applied it would have lasted about 1 year. Hoover and FDR (who campaigned on using the normal tactics) use the Keynesian idea of massive government spending and the Depression lasted over a decade. Germany is the only nation that has used the historical tactic and its economy is booming, the rest of the world is using a variation on Keynes and we are mired in a downward spiral.

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