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3 Replies to “Lutherin attacked the Swedes. Michael Coren on Islamic terror”

  1. Not just on the CBC, but also on every talk show inCanada, xcept the Lowell Green and Counsell shows.

    On the Michael Harris show, http://www.cfra.com, the point of discussion will be the Israeli/palestinian issue that is to blame and of course we have not integrated ( a socialist code word) muslims enough and we do not respect them.

    I know that one day in the future, maybe 5, maybe 10, maybe 20 years, there will be NO muslims in the west. They will have been evicted, on the order of the governments in power. Those governments may not be in power via a democratic election, but after a nuclear 9/11.

    It will take that to move people. Sad.

  2. @Infidel Guy
    I would say that is one very possible scenario. Another one is that twenty years from now we are drowning in an angry sea of young, violent, uneducated, Muslim men, and they just plain win. That is the plan…right? We might have more old people and environmental protestors, but they’ll have all the young men. Young men who go to boxing gyms at night, instead of drinking, smoking dope and making peace signs. Young men who have slit a goats throat at the festival if Eid. They are not here to lose. I mean, it’s not as if they haven’t won before. Hell, we’ve convinced ourselves that having children is a sin against Sister Earth, while the Muslims are popping them out ten per family. Modern technology also allows for the weeding out of female babies in favor of males. They could very easily win.

  3. Both scenarios could happen, although I don’t think it will take a nuclear attack before we wake up, several terror attacks in close succession that kill 20 to 50 people each should do the trick.

    What both of you are ignoring is the current economic situation and the way the European working class is protesting foreign workers taking jobs from the native citizens. That tension will continue to grow as long as the economic crisis exists and I see few real signs it will ease, Greece is coming up for a second bailout and Ireland will probably cause Portugal to need one. Germany can’t continue to bail out the entire EU and the US isn’t in a position to help. This will cause massive protests and probably rioting, since the Moslems are taking up welfare money that could go to the European citizens they will be part of the protests. I don’t know when the major problems will start but I doubt we will have peace much beyond the middle of next year, if it lasts that long.

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