Muslims warned the Swedes 10 minutes before the explosions…

UPDATE: Stratfor:

Sweden: Police Examine Contents Of Bomber’s Bag
December 11, 2010
Swedish police have identified the contents of the bag carried by the suspected suicide bomber involved in the Dec. 11 bombings in Stockholm, Swedish daily Aftonbladet reported. Police have confirmed the backpack contained spikes, nails and also an unidentified substance. The police examined the contents of the bag using a robot. The man had strapped six pipe bombs to his body, only one of which exploded. Witnesses said the man shouted something in a language believed to be Arabic before detonating the explosives, according to the report.

More from Gates of Vienna and KitmanTV on the Swedish Christmas attack

UPDATE: Actual footage of the explosions


December 11, 2010
Swedish news agency TT received an email about 10 minutes before the Stockholm explosions, reported Dec. 11. In the message, also addressed to the Swedish Security Service (SAPO), a man refers to Sweden and the Swedish people and their silence on Lars Vilks paintings and Swedish soldiers in Afghanistan, saying that “now it is your children, daughters and sisters that die same as our brothers and sisters and children who are dying.” It says the blast is an act of jihad. He ends the message with another call to action. SAPO declined to confirm or comment on the content email, which reportedly contains audio files in Swedish and Arabic.


Here is the CTV footage of it.

Just in case anyone thought just maybe it was done by disgruntled Buddhists or radical Catholic nuns…

Here is hte link to the translation I used:

Here is the link to the story in Swedish and below, a screen cap of the English translation I used.

About 10 minutes before the explosions an e-mail was sent to TT, and also to the Swedish secret services (Säpo), where a man adresses “Sweden and the Swedish people”. He refers to the Swedish silence concerning Lars Vilks’ paintings, the Swedish soldiers in Afghanistan and says that “now your children, daughters and sisters will die as our brothers and sisters and children are dying”. – Our actions will speak for themselves. As long as you continue to wage your war against Islam and insulting the prophet and your stupid support of the pig Vilks, says the man. – Whereupon he encourages all Muslims in Sweden to “stop sucking up and debasing yourselves”. He ends the message with another exhortation to “all the mujahedin in Europe and Sweden”: – Now is the time to attack, do not wait any longer. Come forward with whatever you have, even if it’s just a knife and I know you have more than just knives. Do not fear anyone, do not fear jail, do not fear death. – It is not clear from the audio files if the man speaking belongs to any organization. But he states that he has been in the Middle East and asks his family to forgive him for having lied to them. – I never went to the Middle East to work or make money, I went there for jihad, he says. – Säpo has not confirmed the contents to TT or confirmed having received the mail, which contains sound files where both Swedish and Arabic are spoken. TT has not been able to confirm that the mail is related to the explosion.
This is the first time anyone has blown himself up in Sweden, ever. To think that this is a completely random act is just silly. And now we have a jihadist e-mail, sent 10 minutes before this completely unique explosion.
The car was registered to an Abdul T.
Witnesses say the man shouted in Arabic before he died.

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18 Replies to “Muslims warned the Swedes 10 minutes before the explosions…”

  1. Don’t worry the lackeys and lapdogs in the Swedish MSM and government will again try to pass this and other violent acts as ‘random’,’ out of the ordinary’, or’ unusual’ in our peaceful, diverse, and compassionate country. They are still fast asleep at the switch lulling themselves into complacency, hoping that doing nothing, or more butt kissing , apologist groveling will make the problem of radical Islam disappear.

  2. Robert you got it, they are out to terrorize people, and they don’t think murder by itself is scary enough. Besides without the warning who would know they did it and if people didn’t know who did it the Mosques couldn’t preach about them. This is their 15 minutes of fame.

  3. This is an appeal to everyone, everywhere, regardless of faith, race, sex, or other divisive tenet:

    Enough is enough.
    It’s about time that people, everywhere, recognized the insanity involved in making ourselves subservient to ANY god or religion, or political party, for that matter, or … well, anyone else that would try to control us in any way.
    Freedom is the quintessential point of life, is it not?, otherwise…

    What’s the point?
    We all die.

    Let’s all try to live happily, while we can, and oppose anyone or anything that contradicts *that* particular mantra.

    After all, we all know people, by this stage in our lives, who have died.
    Some of that was senseless (needless), as in the case of motor vehicle accidents or other forms of wreckless violence, much of which was caused or at least precipitated by greed, and the encumbrances placed upon us by a society gone mad with the acquisition of material goods.
    It is time to embrace the fact that we all have only ONE planet (and its resources) to share.
    Should not these resources be shared equally, regardless of physicality?
    (no one that I know actually asked to be born, after all, especially in some of the actual “shit holes” that exist on this planet…)

    Get rid of Religion, and let “god” sort it out.
    After that, we can focus our energies on relieving those PEOPLE who would make anyone else subservient to themselves, of their power to do such a thing, and restoring some sort of equilibrium to all humans.
    There is no such thing as poverty in the “animal kingdom”, of which we are a part, whether or not we care to regard ourselves as such.
    Natural selection, or evolution, takes care of all “mistakes”, unlike we people, who seem to elect them to political office. (yeah, I know – rather offensive to those political leaders who actually DO try to improve our current condition, but they are rare, and I apolgise for that.)

    Religion serves only to place some people *above* other people.
    Corporations, believe it or not, have the very same principles.
    (or do we need to talk about child labour, sweat shops, “technilogical improvements”, job loss, corporate ladders and “the bottom line”, etc. all over again?)

    That just isn’t right.
    We all know that.

    Get a brain.
    And evolve.
    (I’m working on it, but opposition via the media, and our very own concepts of our true nature in a natural world, is eroding our sense of the truth of life on Earth. We are humans. We are human. We are one. What’s so wrong about recognizing this fact, and protecting the future of all mankind?)

    What’s so funny about Peace, Love, and Understanding?

    If we wish to have a vision of the future, indeed if we wish to have a future at all, it is time that we learned to embrace technology, and all that it can do in a positive way, to accentuate our potentials.
    Science is not something to be feared, once one learns to accept what it offers for all.
    Change is never readily acceptable, yet change is most certainly inevitable, as history demonstates quite clearly.
    We can no longer hang on to dogma that served us well in past centuries or even millenia.
    It is time to move on, and become what we are meant to be.

    We have had so-called visionaries in human history from all walks of life, who were fundamentally concerned with the well-being of humanity, in whatever era they happened to be born into (do I really need to provide examples? Look it up for yourself!)
    We have praised them, and yet, we have forgotten, seemingly, their lessons.
    The Sun does NOT rotate around the Earth.
    That much is clear, now.

    Let’s try to let go of past misconceptions of our world, and strive to make this a better place to live for our children – for ALL of our children – that they may live together, in peace, for all time.

    Otherwise, what matter is time, or life itself?
    Why were YOU born?

    I don’t really care, but Please, Please, do not interfere with my own evolution…

    It’s a messy business, but I’m really counting on the final results, barring any nuclear catastrophe (listen up Mr. Mahmoud Ahmadinejad – sorry for singling you out – you have much to learn still, as do other political “leaders”), being positive.

    I think I was born so that my progeny might carry on.
    And on.
    And survive, in peace, and harmony, with every other living THING that exists, today, on this planet.
    It is my hope that we will begin to understand more clearly, as time goes by….

    Peace and love to all, now, and forever (or as long as the ride lasts)

    Otharian Black

    p.s. good luck to current day heroes of freedom, notably, most currently, Julian Assange, and others.
    Keep up the good fight, and we WILL survive.
    (how well we all do this, is entirely up to US)


    p.p.s. for some insight into what MIGHT be, be sure to visit

    They don’t have the only solution, but, so far as I have seen (and it has been extensive), they are the best.

    “survival of the strongest” is becoming “survival of the best alternative”

    That’s evolution.
    That is survival.

  4. Grace you are right, they should be a warning to the rest of the nation.

    Otharian Black I have a religion, will you kindly stop trying to force yours down my throat. And yes atheism is as much a religion as theism the atheists just don’t want to admit this. Your idea of forcing everyone away from religion is as repugnant as the Moslems idea of forcing everyone into Islam. PS, yours is one of only two that wants to force everyone into their religion, you keep bad company when your religion acts like Islam.

  5. Some people react to Islamic violence by condemning all religions instead of singling out Islam. I guess that makes people feel all fair and wise. But, the thing is, I hate the idea of insulting someone’s religion and would only do so under the most extreme circumstances bit I would say that constant suicide bombings by Muslim terrorists qualifies as extreme circumstances. The red light is flashing and the siren is wailing. Lock and load. This is not a drill. If you think the problem is Sikhs, or Hindus, Rosicrutians or Baptists or Jane’s or Buddhists or Jews, you are confused. Focus! It’s the Muslims. Leave the others alone.

  6. Chris,

    The only other ‘religion’ that must support islam over Christianity and Judaism is the Baha’i Faith… I’m not a big fan of their ideas for a ‘new world order’ either…

    From what I have learned, the Muslim Brotherhood formed in part because the founders knew about Baha’i plans… Abdul Baha had a big yap…

    I really don’t mind if baha’i are persecuted by muslims.. they are competitors in the world domination quest…

  7. Yeah Eeyore that is funny, no atheist thinks they are religious, but they support their beliefs with no evidence they are right, that sounds like religious faith to me.

  8. If you read his post, it is so full of the usual mantra of Marxism, hatred of ‘corporations’, a concept which bears about as much resemblance to actual corporations as does the Islamic concept of Jesus to the Christian one, and the rest of the leftist pudding one would imagine he attends the holy church of Carleton University.

    Frankly, most religious people I know are in fact more capable of critical reasoning and logic than most leftists I know, which rely on dogma and hyperbole. Muslims not withstanding of course.

  9. You are right Eeyore, I have worked for 2 large corporations, one Fortune 500 and one Fortune 100 and never found anything in the corporations that resemble what the Marxists think corporations are like.

    The lack of ability for critical thought may be why the left and the Moslems get along so well, when they aren’t stabbing each other in the back.

  10. Someone once identified the whole processs that follows a muzzie attack on the infidels as: anger at the attack,backpatting at the job done by the security forces, denial that it has anything to do with islam because Islam is peace, suprise that such a good muslim from such a good background with perfect grades could do such a thing, and finally pontifaction that we need more muzzie outreach and we need to watch out for increased islamophobia and the need to report and lock up anyone who says anything negative about the wonderful religion of islam. Watch it all happen. In no time at all the perp will have been pyscoanalysed and made to look like a misunderstood muzzie that with a little more love and attention could have made a useful contribution to Sweden such as teaching the children at Schools how wonderful Islam is. Instead because of the evil infidel he was radicalised and now we face more islamophobia which needs to be forcefully combatted.

  11. Chris Jones you are right. It is islam and suicide bombing plus all the other outrages makes it unfair when Jews, Jains, Buddhists, and the long hair religions of Rastas, Sikhs and Hindus are all lumped in. Oh I forgot Christianity. That stated off as a long hair thing but went into short back and sides mode after the Romans.

  12. With respect Van Grungy you don’t seem to have a real grasp of what the Baha’i Faith teaches.
    Baha’is distinctly do not place themselves or their religion ABOVE any other as it is a basic tenant of that faith that all religions are from the same source, the same ONE God.
    Just because they say that their Faith is the latest in a long line of revelations from God doesn’t make it better, just that they believe that it is the most relevant for this time.
    e.g. Like kindergarten is not less than high school in respect, it is only that knowledge is more complex and deeper in high school than kindergarten. Without building on the knowledge foundation from kindergarten high school would be difficult to understand what is being taught at that level.

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