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6 Replies to “Palestinian Media Watch brings you…”

  1. This guy needs a reality check. How many suicide bombs have hit Isreal lately? Isreal has got the security measures to send these people to dreamland. They will dream of blowing themselves up. Suicide bombs usually go off in Iraq and Pakistan to my knowledge. Suicide bombing is a weapon that the Tamil Tigers first developed and the Muzzies then took it over. However, they are rarely successful with it in killing the infidel. They usually kill themselves. Keep dreaming Sheik.

  2. Anybody that is dumb enough to become a suicide bomber is too dumb to be successful if there is any type of semi–decent security. They usually give themselves away, just as most thieves give themselves away, to anyone with half a brain. Which leaves out most TSA personal.

  3. “My little cleric, I’ll ask YHVH to merit you a swift martyrdom.” And everyone else like you, wherever they may be…

    Are you listening, YHVH? I certainly hope so.

    May the west prevail and Islam fail, once and for all.

  4. RR you may get your wish, I still say that if/when Iran uses nukes on Israel part of their retaliation is going to be to take out every Islamic Holy City with nukes.

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