No future for visible Jews in Holland

‘No future for Dutch Orthodox Jews’

Prominent VVD politician Frits Bolkestein believes there is no future for ‘active’ Jews in the Netherlands. The conservative politician made his remarks in an interview with freesheet De Pers.

In the interview, Mr Bolkestein says that when he talks about active Jews he means those who are recognisable as such, for instance Orthodox Jews. The former EU Commissioner says there is no future for this group in the Netherlands because of “the anti-Semitism among Dutchmen of Moroccan descent, whose numbers keep growing”.

He feels that this group of Jews should encourage their children to emigrate to either the United States or Israel, because he has little confidence in the effectiveness of the government’s proposals for fighting anti-Semitism.

Earlier, Mr Bolkestein made similar statements in Het Verval (The Decline) by Manfred Gerstenberg, a recently published book about Jews in the Netherlands. Frits Bolkestein was political leader of the current coalition party VVD between 1990 en 1998. He later served as European Commissioner from 1999 until 2004.


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For more on this politician, please visit Klein Verzet

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16 Replies to “No future for visible Jews in Holland”

  1. He is right, and the left is working hard to make anti-Semitism politically correct in all nations, this is a very dangerous time for the Jews, and getting close to being as dangerous for the Christians in a lot of countries.

  2. It’s rather ironic that in the 15th century, the Jews of Spain found refuge in Holland and now have this happen

    There is a synagogue which was inaugurated August 2, 1675, which is still being used by the Jewish community.

  3. Sadly these conditions mirror the conditions in germany in the early 1930s. Due to the financial meltdown and depression the Jews were blamed for everything.

  4. That they do, and many of the people in my home town are commenting on how Obama’s actions in DC are resembling Hitlers in Berlin before 1932. As I told you before I know a nurse at the local VA who was born in Germany to a German mother and Father her mother is telling her what to stockpile to survive the coming fascist takeover of the US. Personally I don’t think they will succeed but it sure looks like he is going to try.

    Also from what I can tell from my reading of history anti-Semitism increases around the world just before the start of major wars, if I am right the coming one is going to be real big.

  5. Frits Bolkestein is not saying anything that is radical or controversial, but simply stating the reality on the major city streets of the Netherlands.

    Its probably the same in every major city in Europe, but there is no major political figure of a party that has said so. All political parties in Europe, with the exception of the PVV, are complicit in hiding the reality of what Muslim immigration is doing to Europe, and will never state any such fact as Frits Bolkestein has pointed out.

  6. DP111 you are right in your statements about the other European nations, but you need to include Dearborn and a few other US cities, including San Francisco, the Moslems and the left are making it risky for Jews to be openly identified as Jews. And while I don’t read much about South America given the Moslem presence I know is down there the same is probably happening down there also.

  7. In some places in South America the anti-Jewish sentiment runs very high.

    A number of years back now, there was a commemoration of WIZO and women from WIZO (Women’s International Zionist Organisation) made a pilgrimage to Austria and Israel. The women from one of the SA countries, had to make sure that Israel was not stamped in their passports, they took no souvenirs home and they gave away there commemorative T-shirts etc, so no trace of a holiday to Israel could be found, for fear of retribution.

    I don’t remember which country, but there were issues with Nazi war criminals being sheltered there in the past

  8. And surprisingly during WWII the Jews that escaped from Europe found it easier to get entry to the South American nations then to the US. The problem was the Jews didn’t have as much money as Odessa gave to the escaping war criminals and thus couldn’t bribe the locals. And I don’t think they went into local politics as much either, money, especially in the amounts Odessa had and has available talks with a real loud voice.

  9. The Nazis and their descendants have made some very surprising allies since WWII.

    It would seem as if being a Jew-hating, violent jihadist Muslim is OK, while being a peaceful, keep-to-yourself Orthodox Jew is not.

    How ironic that we call this being “politically correct” when it really isn’t that at all.

    Once upon a time, it was Islam that was the major enemy of the west. Now its back and the PC libtards are aiding and abetting them in Islam’s conquest of the free world.

  10. This is very frightening and at this point in time, and I wonder for how long, this is probably the safest country to be in.

    My husband told his siter in England to “get the hell out of there while there is time”

  11. RRWest during WWII the SS had two divisions of Moslems stationed in the Balkans, there may have been more spread among the other divisions but these two were suppose to be totally manned by Moslems. The Nazi-Moslem friendship goes back much longer then people are willing to admit.

    Shirl In Oz, I wish I could tell you that Oz would be safe, but I can’t, I don’t think there is going to be any safe places once the major fighting starts.

  12. Richard and others, this is an excellent site to read about the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem, Amin Al Hussein and his Nazi compatriots.

    The whole site is interesting for the Mulsim Brotherhood, to Saddam, good old Yasser Arafat and more

    This is quite a video which I recieved today. Who thought nearly 70 years down the track since hte rise of Naziism in Europe, we would see this in the Austrian parliament?

  13. Big Frank Next will come the Christians since the left will help attack them, after that the atheist and the pagans. If we don’t start speaking up now for everyone the Moslems are coming after we will all end up on their list.

    Shirl we are seeing a revival of patriotism in the West, and yes the Nazi’s are trying to take advantage of this, but since the Moslems are the reason for the revival I don’t think the Nazi’s will get very far until after the war with the Moslems is about middle stage. That is when their brand of hatred will find a lot of willing listeners and converts.

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