Lemons to Lemon-aid. British Hoteliers manage to survive the Islamic complaint

Remember the British couple that got into a minor argument about Islam with a couple that was staying at their hotel? Then the Muslims charged them with some kind of thought crime and they were dragged through the courts and it pretty much ruined their business?

Here is how a good hearted, cooperative mindset can work things out for you. There is a lesson for every human being alive here. This, is a great story.

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3 Replies to “Lemons to Lemon-aid. British Hoteliers manage to survive the Islamic complaint”

  1. Man, I hope that no further legal action will be brought against them for “hurting mahoundian feelings”… You know, since they’ve been able to move on with their lives, rather than receiving some extremely harsh punishment which mahoundians would see as “proof” that allah, mahound’s imaginary alter-ego, got angry at their actions, that could actually make the black-cube worshippers a little unsure about the deeds and the will of their prophet’s almighty prostitute. And, when it comes to this, you never know how David Cameron and his Tory-LibDem-NuLabour-they-are-all-the-same dhimmi monkeys might react to it.

  2. Nice story, but it would have been more appropriate if they would have set up an anti-Islamic centre, just to make a point that the British may still be British, after all is said and done.

    Despite a government that fears Muslim reprisals if their demands aren’t met at every turn (remember the London Train Bombings), the people are starting to take matters into their own hands.

    You will notice that there was not one person in the video who looked even remotely “Muslim”. That’s go to tell you something…

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