Swiss vote yes on plebiscite to deport foreign criminals

It is amazing how rational the public can be if you just give them the chance to vote. The Swiss passed a resolution to deport foreigners who commit violent crimes etc, something that should be automatic in all countries and should not need a nationwide plebiscite, as soon as they had the chance to do it. Here is a video translated for us by

Much more info from Gates of Vienna:

This time last year the Swiss pulled out ahead of the rest of Western Europe when they voted in favor of a ban on the building of new minarets. They followed it up today by approving a referendum that would force the deportation of all foreigners convicted of serious criminal offenses.

The oligarchy which runs Switzerland — like the oligarchies that administer all Western countries — was desperate to stop this initiative. They tried to lure voters into supporting a watered-down version, which would have recommended deportation, but left the final decision up to judges, who would evaluate each individual case on the merits.

Swiss voters, perhaps noticing what happens when things are left to the discretion of progressive-minded judges, did not take the bait, and 53% voted for the stronger version of the new law.

It’s worth noting that all major Christian denominations opposed the measure. Just as in Britain, Sweden, Germany, and the Netherlands, organized Christianity seems consistently to act against the interests and welfare of the native population. The same is true of the major Protestant denominations in the United States, which are wholly in thrall to progressive trans-nationalism. Even the Vatican has in large part caved in to Multicultural orthodoxy.

Notice also that foreigners were reported to be overwhelmingly against the initiative. Well, DUH!

The media probably expect native white Europeans to feel guilty when they hear that the Swiss have offended their foreign guests with their “xenophobia”. But the vote didn’t affect me that way, and I strongly suspect that the majority of Europeans are not wallowing in guilt as called for by the script. Most people are probably thinking, “At last! A display of common sense!”

Here’s the report from Swissinfo:

Swiss Approve Foreign Criminal Initiative

The Swiss have voted to adopt tough new regulations on the deportation of foreigners convicted of serious crimes and welfare fraud.

Final results showed 53 per cent voting in favour of a rightwing initiative. The initiative also won the backing of 18 out of 26 cantons.

In a complex nationwide vote on Sunday, the electorate were faced with a choice between a hardline option and a compromise version; or approving or rejecting both proposals.

Turnout was higher than usual — at 52 per cent — a sign of how contentious were the issues being voted on.

The rightwing People’s Party initiative called for the automatic expulsion of non-Swiss offenders convicted of crimes ranging from murder to breaking and entry and social security fraud. The proposal denies judges judicial discretion over deportation.

An alternative option by parliament would have allowed for a case-by-case examination and additional integration measures.

Parliament’s counter-proposal was rejected by 54 per cent of voters, results showed.

An unofficial voting platform for migrants, Baloti, reported very different voting results: 85 per cent against the initiative, and 15 per cent for.


For the rest please click through to GOV here:

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6 Replies to “Swiss vote yes on plebiscite to deport foreign criminals”

  1. For a small country the Swiss electorate have bigger balls then the rest of the much larger nations. Why should they go through the expense of providing these convicted criminals, i.e. dirtbags, deviants,derelicts and perverts, three hots and a cot,. Send them packing to whichever hellhole they came from.

  2. The Swiss parliament and the ruling class elite, ever mindful of the EU and the international community, decided to muddy the waters by putting another proposal on this referendum. This initiative proposed that the case of said foreign criminals be considered case by case, subject to the discretion of a judge. Yet again we see that the political elite distrust the people, and would rather have one of their own decide, rather then the unwashed.

    The Swiss, to their credit, saw through this proposal, as nothing but a ploy to drag the deportation order through various levels of courts, till the system became unworkable. Then the elite could turn around and say “See, it doesnt work”.

    Now the situation is quite clear. A foreigner convicted of a serious crime, faces immediate deportation after he/she has served jail time. Its automatic. Period. No appeals, no going through several layers of court procedures, deals etc etc.

    I’m told by my Swiss friends that there are still a lot of issues on implementation to be resolved, and the ruling class will try all sorts of means to circumvent or dilute the results of the referendum.

    My own view is that the effects of this referendum will be to lower the crime rate, as well as act as a deterrence on criminally minded foreigners to move to Switzerland- a country with rich pickings.

  3. Should this be made into law, then it would be a huge step towards the free world recognizing the threat that Islam and its followers pose to our values and ethics.

    I hope that this trend sweeps throughout the world and that Islam is stopped in its deadly tracks once and forever.

    Kudos to the Swiss for once again leading the way in democracy.

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