On Arizona, and enforcing US laws.

Has the US gone mad? How is it that enforcing rational laws developed over millennium have become a rebellious act? And it is not just the US. Europe is activly attempting to destroy all borders and dumb itself down to the most savage and barbaric who can walk, swim, crawl or stow away onto that land mass.

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  1. The left doesn’t want any borders, they don’t want individual nations, they want a one world socialist government and are willing to destroy civilization to achieve that goal. I have been watching the left work to destroy the West for a long time and have been laughed at when I talk about their attacks.

  2. Thank you Richard. I too have been mocked and made fun of for my entire adult life because of my anti-communist views. The world wide ‘revolution’ has never stopped, only methods and operational plans change to suit the country or group they are trying to destroy. These devious dirtbags are very good at convincing the useful idiots and the easily led masses that they have been disenfraichised and cheated by the system and the only way to correct things is redistribution of wealth. They have made an exact science of propaganda.

  3. That they have, but they have also come close to destroying themselves in the US, they tried moving us far to the left and got the voters mad, hence the Tea Party. And they have screwed up nuclear non proliferation to the point where it doesn’t exist for the Third World countries, and have mocked and vilified the US military as well as working internally to weaken it to the point where we are now seeing the wanna be world conquers start making their move. If we are to survive the coming decades we must shut down our southern border, there are a lot of signs that there are Moslem terrorists training people in Mexico, and we have to prevent them from crossing into the US.

    Then we have the situation in Korea where China is getting antsy over something (probably economic problems they don’t want us to know about) and is letting North Korea attack the South to provide a distraction. If the history of the past decade continues Iran will do something outrageous real soon to distract us from the Orient.

    Keep you musket clean and your powder dry because we may need them.

  4. But they want that border for goods which may help Mexico if the tariffs were reduced as they are increased to China. What they don’t want to hear is that all states have an obligation to enforce all the laws of the land including the federal ones.

  5. We have free trade with Mexico, there are no tariffs, the left wants the border open because they think they can get amnesty for the illegal immigrants and that the new people will vote for them. The left doesn’t care about Mexico, only about their own power to order people around.

  6. “The left doesn’t care about Mexico, only about their own power to order people around.” Richard

    This I agree with. As for the tariffs, yes they are down. The point being that after NAFTA, Pres Bubba Clinton and his paymasters at the Wal-Mart gave most favoured nation status to the Chinese pulling the rug underneath Mexico where they at least pay a couple of bucks an hour as opposed to a couple of buck a day in China.

    Do you think they even considered the effects of that move upon everybody?

  7. They only take two things in consideration, 1) will this bring me more power, 2) will this bring me more money to buy more power with. Always remember lawyers are motivated by money, politicians are motivated by power and money buys power. That is why so many politicians are corrupt, they want the money to buy more power.

    My father use to say that all politicians are by definition crooks, liars and horses asses, after that he started getting cynical about them.

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