Burqa-clad mum Carnita Matthews jailed for six months

Carnita Matthews
Mistaken identity … Carnita Matthews outside court with a friend / Pic: Klein Nathan Source: The Daily Telegraph

A BURQA-CLAD mother of seven who claimed she was the victim of mistaken identity has been jailed for six months for making a false complaint against a police officer.

Magistrate Robert Rabbidge dismissed Carnita Matthews’ allegations that a highway patrol officer was racist after he pulled her over for a Random Breath Test and claims he forcibly tried to remove her face veil as false.

In sentencing her, he described her actions as “both deliberate and malicious” saying he had no option but to sentence her to jail given the seriousness of her allegations, and to send a clear message to the community.

A second woman, also wearing a burqa today who was supporting Matthews in court broke down in tears as she was removed by Corrective Service officers.

Matthews was charged in June after allegedly falsely claiming that a highway patrol officer handled her in an attempt to see her burqa-hidden face during a random breath test.

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She pleaded not guilty.

After arriving at Campbelltown Local Court yesterday with an identically dressed friend, Matthews watched the in-car police video of her being pulled over and asked to lift the burqa so the officer could verify her licence photo.

Her claim that she had not signed the Statutory Declaration outlining her complaint were rejected with Magistrate Rabbidge saying the signature on it was almost identical to that on her driver’s licence.

The court was told that after being issued an infringement notice for not properly displaying her P-plates, the 46-year-old branded the officer “a racist” and claimed he only booked her because of what she was wearing.

“I’ve got my P-plates on my car … there was nothing wrong with how they were displayed,” Matthews said on the video.

“You look at me and see me wearing this and you couldn’t handle it. All cops are racist.”

The court heard that Matthews then drove to Campbelltown police station to complain that she was unfairly treated by the officer.

Giving evidence yesterday, the station officer who took the complaint said he had told Matthews the officer had been right to ask for identification.

In a statement read to the court, Sergeant Paul Kearney said he told her: “I’m looking at you and all I can see is two eyes.”

However, the court was told that an officer who three days later accepted a statutory declaration from a burqa-clad woman he assumed to be Matthews failed to check her identification.

Matthews’ lawyer Stephen Hopper said there was no way for police to prove that his client was the one who signed the statutory declaration at Campbelltown police station on June 10.

Mr Hopper said that meant Matthews should not have been charged with the offence of making a false complaint to police.

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9 Replies to “Burqa-clad mum Carnita Matthews jailed for six months”

  1. The whole Burqa thing just gives them so many new ways to screw with us, doesn’t it. But this judge wasn’t buying it and he gave her six months. Good! She was planning to completely ruin that cop’s career with her lies. For God’s sake, you can’t go around in a damn mask.
    And then, eventually, maybe twenty years from now, maybe fifty, we all get tired of the constant bullshit, and we convert to Islam just to make the misery go away. By then we won’t have much of a culture left to defend, so, whatever. That’s their default tactic, to just make the Infidels so miserable that we give in to them in despair, just to make the bullshit stop. Those full-body scanners at the airport are a great start – I can feel our society getting less fun by the second. That’s a really crummy fate they have planned for us. Let’s not let them win, OK? Thank you, Judge.

  2. Oh, I missed the part about the random breath test. What was I saying about our society becoming unworthy of preserving? If the unionized, left-wing school teachers haven’t bothered to inform the kiddies that freedom from unreasonable search and seizure is one of the cornerstones of our democracy, then what do we really have to protect? Do people today realize what a non-starter random roadside testing would have been with the WWII generation? Do they have any idea how against it Benjamin Franklin would have been? One of these days they are going to set up live, two-way surveillance systems right inside our living rooms and nobody’s going to say a word about it. Not a peep! It will be for the children, you see. They’ll explain that to us in a multi-million-dollar ad campaign make by super hi-paid sheep-foolers, who never miss. After all, they’re doing it in Finland with a 97% success rate. They’re doing it in Norway with a 99% success rate. Well, OK, as long as it’s for the children and their doing it in bloody Norway, set up the cameras, bring on the watchers.

  3. @ Chris Jones
    Im sorry but who exactly is making your life miserable because your not Muslim? There is no compulsion in religion so no thank you, please stay in your religion and we will stay with ours. I think what you mean is that Muslims are made to live in misery until they leave their religion. Thats more like it isnt it? Its either you leave or religion or we leave ours? No it doesnt work like that. You can keep your way of life without feeling miserable.

  4. This is not a religious thing…do what you’re told and more on! If this is not what you wanted to happen, then perhaps you should have done your homework and checked out the laws before you decided to live in this country. It’s one or the other, if you want laws to be the same as where you came from, than stay where you are.

    You should be ashamed of yourself for accusing someone of doing such a horrific thing! This is his job, livelihood and country…you have jeopardized this…how do you think his family and children felt!?!

    And as far as all you people who practice their religion and then HATE and HURT people because they do not resemble what YOU think is proper…well let me remind you it is NOT up to YOU to decide who is right, who is wrong, what is right, what is wrong… it is up to GOD! So stop trying to do HIS job…he is very capable of handling EVERY single situation in his loving way, without your help.

  5. Now I might get kinky and wack on a burqa and in a cute tranny way, refuse to remove it on cultural grounds. Good for the goose–or refuse to remove a full face crash helmet. Why do they wear burqas? So when you sit on their face,no shit gets transferred.

  6. Try walking into a welfare office as a regular Canadian with 4 wives all living with you and demanding each get a welfare cheque. As a Muslim, common. For us? Not so much.

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