Excrement Thrown on Church in Avignon

From GalliaWatch:

I saw this story late last night while browsing through François Desouche. It’s one of many similar stories of church destruction and profanation. This time, however, the parish priest says it is connected to the recent brutal killings of Christians in Iraq. The following is from the local paper Avignews:

Wednesday, the church of Saint-Jean. Father Gabriel, the parish priest, speaks to the press almost in desperation. For several months his church has been the target of insulting and obscene graffiti, and of excrement… Last week the cypress tree next to the building (photo above) was set on fire, threatening the church itself. For the priest, “these acts have a direct connection with what has been happening in Iraq where Christians are being attacked.” Right away father Gabriel speaks of inter-ethnic tensions and denounces the “climate that is becoming more and more aggressive and violent because of a small group of young persons whose ages range from 12 to 16.” At first, father Gabriel thought it was a matter of “incivilities” by young idle neighborhood youth. Foolishness from teens trying to provoke.

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  1. These activities are going to get worse as these so-called ‘misguided youths’ continue to be brainwashed by their community not to assimilate and to reject any Western values. The clock is ticking if the French government will not act the citizenry will and it will not be a good scene. How much crap does a population have to put up with before reaching the flashpoint?

  2. Synagogue in Laval, Quebec, Canada: Oil tank damaged by unknowns. No arrests yet.Due to the high cost of repairing; $ 60,000; the synagogue may have to close.

    Any bets that it will be converted into a mosque?

    Any bets that Jews will still vote for the Liberals?

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