The Muslim UK rememberance disruption is far more insidious than it appears.

I have been struggling over this video for some time. Well since Nov. 11th actually. The thing of it is, the Muslims have a right to free speech don’t they? So when they interrupt the 3 minutes of silence, as distasteful as that is, isn’t that their legal right?

Well, yes, and more importantly, no.

To quote my friend KitmanTV, who wrote ‘Scum’ on this video so that rightfully angry British people would not flag this propaganda video by Anjem Chaudery’s new group, ‘Muslims Against Crusades’, if person A got all the right permits to hold a concert in a park, and then some gang of people, lets say Christian Baptists who think rock music is of the devil perhaps, were to start screaming through a PA and hence destroying the ability of the band to put on a performance, you can bet that the police would escort this gang of sanctimonious morons right to jail for at least long enough to finish the concert.

Yet the police here do nothing.

Then we have (the more fitting perhaps) charge of treason. Most of these Muslims screaming about British soldiers are advocating treason in a fairly clear way. Yet the police seem only ever to arrest members of the EDL, who now, even European media admit nearly never start the violence but leftist thugs operating under the unlikely banner of ‘United Against Fascism’ (while demanding an end to freedom of speech and encouraging the return of medieval legal policies to Europe, go figure) are more typically the ones who plan and execute the violence at these events.

It seems as if the police just stand there and take it when Muslims actually attack the police physically. I am not aware of what Muslims in England can actually do to get arrested in that town, at least during a demonstration. Meanwhile, Tommy Robinson has had his home invaded by police, had his computers taken, his phone, and his parents home was also invaded and trashed by the British police in both cases wielding automatic weapons. “Machine guns”. His pregnant fiancée was arrested and charged with a bogus charge, purely intimidation.

It is almost as if, I mean, well if I had a bent towards conspiracy theories, as if the police have instructions to crush any dissent to the grand project of utterly destroying a British identity and foster the new Islamic culture and rules of England. Almost as if…

Then, we have the recent statements by Herman Van Rompuy president of the European Council:

Last night Van Rompuy gave a speech in which he condemned ‘the danger of a new Euro-scepticism. This is no longer the monopoly of a few countries. In every member state, there are people who believe their country can survive alone in the globalised world. It is more than an illusion. It is a lie!’ [Note, I can’t think of any state in the world outside Burma and North Korea that imagines it can survive alone. What Van R is attacking is any country and any people who imagine they are equipped to run their own state without an undemocratic superstate being in control. Damn shocking, those Swiss.]

‘The biggest enemy of Europe today is fear. Fear leads to egoism, egoism leads to nationalism and nationalism leads to war.’

What’s that old expression? ‘Just because you are paranoid doesn’t mean they aren’t out to get you’? Well I guess by the same token just because most conspiracy theories are utter, and often dangerous, nonsense, doesn’t mean that very real conspiracies are not taking place which intend to obliterate all that you hold if not sacred, at least as important and meaningful.

All of this to say,

“Way to go Tommy” For taking that damn Jihad flag away from those bastards who would destroy our ceremony of remembrance to those great heroes past and present, who defended our nations from threats ranging from Hitler to Al Qaeda.  If the police are under orders to allow the enemy to act with impunity against the people and laws of our great Western nations, then I guess it falls to us to defend ourselves and our past and cultures. You know, and perhaps it always did.

Eeyore for Vlad Tepes.

(More on the EU position on loyalty to ones own country and history and culture unless you are a Bedouin here)

UPDATE: And as if to prove my point, since I wrote and published this, Tommy Robinson was arrested and charged with assaulting a police officer and the video of him taking the jihad flag is being removed from all sites quickly.

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12 Replies to “The Muslim UK rememberance disruption is far more insidious than it appears.”

  1. No matter what the authorities do, the time is coming when Muslims will have to leave Britain.

    If the authorities suppress comment in newspapers on Islam, that only increases the pressure in the cooker. If they don’t, it spreads the fire against Islam. The same applies to the suppression of EDL.

    Either way, Muslims will have to leave. No government can ignore public opinion forever. Sooner or later, it has to bow to public opinion or it will be dismissed, or even called to account.

    So what is happening here? I believe governments throughout the West are acting in concert to manage the Muslim situation. How else can it NOT be but a deliberate and agreed effort to manage the Muslim problem, as their actions are similar, and not one Western nation has so far broken out of that agreement. In Holland, that most tolerant of all nations, they are even prosecuting Geert Wilders, just to stay within the Western consensus.

    I so no other way to explain this amazing consensus of action vis a vis Islam, among a group of free nations, who generally are never in unanimous agreement over anything.

    So let me guess – they know that Muslims have to leave the West, but before that event, are using the time to sort out a few issues, very likely strategic, in the ME and Muslim countries.

    Please comment on my take, for I find this consensus hard to believe. It can’t be fear either, as any sizeable European country can take out the ME any time it chooses.

    The above is argued under the assumption that our politicians have not taken leave of their senses i.e. are still sane.

  2. Do not blame the police they are only following their orders from the highest levels of the lackeys and lapdogs of ISLAM in the UK government. These feckless politicians are pandering to the Muslims IMHO for many reasons, for votes to stay in power and back handed, secret deals with foreign Muslim countries, enriching themselves with oil deals at the expense of the British citizenry. ( the release of the Lockerbie murderer for one) They are worse than prostitutes, remember my friends, nothing happens by accident the present situation is the result of long term plans by devious individuals for their own gain over the safety and security of the UK. If I am wrong why do the highest levels of the UK government remain so silent in regards to the Islamization of the UK and Europe?

  3. The sad truth is that civil war is just around the corner for the UK. Let’s hope they can equal their feats of the past in saving their country from the threat of totalitarian thugs.

  4. Grace there is a high probability of civil war in all European nations, while I don’t think the Moslems (there are enough in any nation to win a shooting war) and their allies will win I do think the war will last several decades. The entire world is heading towards a major conflagration, and no nation or person will be safe or neutral.

  5. Breach of the peace is this:

    “It is sufficient if its natural consequence would, if persisted in, be to provoke others to violence, and so some actual danger to the peace is established.”

    It’s quite clear that the behaviour of the muslims constituted a breach of the peace, and yet as usual the police target the EDL.

  6. Mr Van Rampay, the biggest enemy YOU and your kin are facing today is DISGUST. Disgust with the high treason of the whole undemocratic, spineless, emasculated, moneygrabbing, fascist elites you are a just the perfect representative specimen of. The day you will be held to account is coming your way.

  7. Jamee that day is probably coming, given the way things are going in Europe and what is coming to the US, the day is probably coming to the entire world.

    And I want to congratulate you on your knowledge of history, most people these days have no idea where the phrase read the riot act came from.

  8. I was re reading a previous post and I meant to say that I don’t think there are enough Moslems in any one European nation to win a shooting war.

  9. Richard that would depend on what percentage of the non-Muslim population would be shooting with the Muslims at the rest of us. What percentage of the population do you feel, still is living the sanctimonious delusion that Muslims are todays 1930s era Jews and feel that their opportunity to fight the Nazis is to shoot at, literally or metaphorically, people like us?

  10. Eeyore,I dont think we need to worry about the liberals and lefties on this score,they may well believe all that islamophobia bollocks but once they realise the depth of the anger and hate that the rest of the population feels on this issue,both against muslims themselves and the so called elites who have allowed this to happen I think they`ll shut up and vanish back into the woodwork,traitors are always treated more savagely than `ordinary` enemy combatants.

  11. Eeyore you are right, however I am basing my opinion on the fact that it requires a minimum of 1/3rd of the population supporting a revolution for the revolution to succeed. I know this isn’t going to be a revolution but a civil war and the figures are somewhat different in that case but not enough to make me change my mind. As I understand it the Moslems are between 12 and 15% of the population of the various European nations, for them to succeed in a shooting war it would take between 18 and 21% of the non Moslems in the European nations siding with them and shooting to let them win. I don’t see that number of leftist coming out of their holes and risking their lives. The left thinks other peoples lives are expendable but that their lives are too valuable to risk.

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