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5 Replies to “Al Gore to be sued on his global warming by actual scientists”

  1. Halleluïa. I hope you do sue him because I am one of those who believes that this ‘Global Warming’ issue is a big hoax and it’s raking in millions if not billions in the pockets of a few skeamers like Al Gore. Up in Canada we have his counterpart by the name of David Suzuki. He also refused many chance to debate this issue with well known scientists. Wish you luck with the suit.

  2. It also allows the Governments of the world to interfere with businesses, anyone who doesn’t support them will be shut down for putting out to much carbon dioxide. Back in the 1960s the same Global Warming alarmists were screaming about a coming Ice Age, then one of them realized that big government couldn’t do anything to stop an Ice Age. Thus global warming.

  3. This is a case of crying wolf and we could get screwed. Which would make the Islam problem irrelevant.

    Technically we are still in an Ice Age during a interglacial period. An interglacial optimum periods (livable conditions) usually lasts between 2000 and 16000 years the one we are in is the second longest ever which is about 12000 years so far.

    There is nothing man can do to avoid the coming glaciation and we really don’t know when or how our warm weather will end. But when it does billions will die. The first signs will be very dry weather. Droughts will be world wide.

    Here is another point that is simply amazing. in the last 500 million years CO2 levels averaged around 3000 ppm which it is now 380 to over 400 ppm depending who you believe. at 200 ppm plants stop growing. We are right now near record LOW CO2 levels.

    Bottom line we worry about global warming during an ice age and sky rocketing CO2 levels when they are at record lows.

    The world has gone mad.

  4. The 16000 year interglacial optimum was really 14000 years because it started dropping like a rock at 14000 years. The drop is what will kill. Because our farms are set up for a relatively stable weather conditions.

  5. Good topic, but unfortunately this is a 2.5 year old clip, and I’m afraid it’s impossible to get any lawyer to sue a liberal god former president candidate, and sect leader hypocrite Äl Gåre.

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