The Muslims are coming. Phyllis Chesler and CBN

In France, young Muslims have been rioting for days—not about the age of retirement but in a display of hostility towards the French Republic; some are now describing this violence as “anti-French racism.” In Holland, young Muslims riot incessantly and call out the vilest hate speech imaginable against America, Israel, Jews, Holland, and infidels—and yet Dutch politician, Geert Wilders, is still the one on trial for telling the truth about Islamic jihad because it offended some Muslims.

No, the Wilders trial is not yet over; three judges must first agree with both the defense and the prosecution who have both asked that all charges be dropped.

Meanwhile, in the United States, Juan Williams was just fired by NPR aka National Palestinian Radio for admitting that he, like so many others, including many Muslims, “feels” some trepidation when he sees Arabs in Islamic clothing board a plane.

But Americans face an even more serious danger than offended Muslims or foreign and home grown Muslim terrorists.

Contrary to many fears, sharia (Muslim religious law) cannot be imposed. It is unlikely that sharia law will overthrow American constitutional law or that American judges will issue rulings based on the Qur’an.

But here’s what can happen; in fact, it is already happening.

Voters in Oklahoma will soon be voting on a “Save our State” bill which passed the Republican-controlled state legislature. The proposed Oklahoma legislation (State Question 775) is essentially a preemptive strike against the possibility that sharia law might become either an acceptable alternative to American law or that it will supersede it.

In 2004, in Oklahoma, the U.S. Justice Department helped a 6th grade girl win the right to wear hijab in public school. The Justice Department said: “No student should be forced to choose between following her faith and enjoying the benefits of a public education.” Many Muslim Americans have used American law to argue for their right to wear hijab, receive special halal food, segregate a public swimming pool, obtain foot baths at universities, etc.

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  1. A (possibly dumb) question: If a nation can grant the honor of citizenship upon a foreign born immigrant, why can’t that same country withdraw citizenship from an individual who is obviously disloyal, detrimental, disruptive, and dangerous to the security of their adopted country and therefore be summarily deported to his original homeland???

  2. Because you further cheapen citizenship. While some countries are in fact doing exactly that, Germany for example, I think it is as bad as the burka bans, which again over regulate the public and destroy individual liberty to try and preserve it.

    On the one hand, I am grateful for any attempt our governments make to protect western liberal democracy, you can’t protect it by making it a totalitarian state and in the case of citizenship the Oz. of prevention is the right answer. Make citizenship hard to get. Make sure the people who apply are properly feted. Only accept people for citizenship programs who provide a needed service to the US or wherever and they should ‘audition’ for the state for at least 5 years with zero criminal activity and no state liability such as social programs. Then, give them citizenship and make it meaningful. Giving it easily and taking it away makes a mockery of the whole institutions. Dissent is a necessary part of being a good citizen, but lets make sure they are one first.

  3. People are calling for the modification of the 14th amendment to stop the kids of illegal aliens from gaining birth right citizenship, this will do nothing about the previous “anchor babies”.

    As for Germany’s actions, most people don’t understand that democracy is only about 60 years deep in Europe, every time there is a dictator who rules a country or countries you have to start counting from the time the dictator was removed. And most of Europe went crazy and joined the EU, giving away their freedom and their democracies. So you can expect people to do non democratic things to save their nations.

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