Show #2 US TV, Is Islam a religion of peace?

This one seems to be a great deal better than the recent ABC one that was aired last week. Despite the all star cast, it fell somewhat short of expectations. This one which was recorded today in New York, although I have not seen it all in its entirety yet, seems much better and to the point. it also features Ayaan Hirsi Ali for the ‘not’ side as well as Douglass Murray.

ISLAM IS A RELIGION OF PEACE from Intelligence Squared US on Vimeo.

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2 Replies to “Show #2 US TV, Is Islam a religion of peace?”

  1. As ‘moderate’ as the two on the left make themselves out to be, they insist on reframing the debate. It’s moment’s like these that reveal the clever tactics which are used to lull suspicions. Hirsi Ali and Murray are to be lauded for insisting on maintaining the debate as outlined.

  2. Especially pathetic was when the male on the ‘for’ side of the debate asked the audience at the end to vote for what they hoped Islam was, as opposed to what they might think it was, an issue that Douglass Murray had specifically dealt with just minutes before. as a very dangerous mentality.

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