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3 Replies to “EDL story on Sky News about Bradford march”

  1. Well, they did manage to refrain from referring to the EDL as ‘far-right’, ‘racist’ or ‘thugs’ which must be welcomed. However, as in all mainstream media reporting of EDL protests, mention is made of ‘arrests’ connected to EDL demonstrations without saying who was actually arrested and why. In the case of Leeds which the report referred to, more members/supporters of Unite against Fascism (UAF) were arrested than EDL protesters. The same was true in the case of this year’s protest in Bolton. UAF and Socialist Workers’ Party members have attacked the police on a number of occasions, but the mass media remains silent about this leftist violence. Why? Some reasons are suggested here (see comments section also): http://durotrigan.blogspot.com/2010/08/english-defence-league-to-hold-static.html

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