Guardian Newspaper Afraid Of The Truth?

Reprinted from Liberties Alliance by request:
By Aeneas • on August 19, 2010

An extremely biased article entitled ‘The EDL demonstration can’t be stopped? Rubbish’ was recently published by the Guardian Newspaper in the United Kingdom. It appears that this newspaper is more of a propaganda organ of the ruling elite and its approved version of event than it is of genuine journalism, and informing the public of current events in a balanced way. I made the following comment in response to this outrageous article that seemed to be written for the sole purpose of demonising the EDL and its important message to the British people:

“It is vital that people stand up and oppose the rise of sharia – the EDL are doing a service to civilization by taking up this cause. The EDL are not isolated, they are supported by people from all over the world from many walks of life, many cultures and many religions. It is a shame that the media chooses to continue to demonise the EDL and their valid message.

I think the so-called progressive element within British society are being hypocrites in two main ways. Firstly, they want to single out people to not have political rights because they disagree with their viewpoints. Secondly, they claim to be progressive but do not seem to be willing to oppose the drip, drip, entry of sharia into our socio-political environment, sharia being a system which is barbaric and blights the lives of millions around the world. By not opposing sharia they are condoning homophobia, tolerating misogyny, endorsing inequality before the law, undermining religious freedom (under sharia non-Muslims have a second class status), and supporting the emergency of a rival legal system and a two tier Britain. When I was involved in the politics of the left these were values that were central to its political philosophy. Now, the left seems to be totalitarian to the extent that they have embraced a form of fascism and totalitarianism.

Apologists for sharia might say that only elements of sharia are being implemented that are compatible with British law and tradition. However, sharia is a total system and not a purchase at the pick ‘n’ mix counter. In any case, we can see clearly that it has already subverted our cherished tradition of free speech and freedom of association as we see on this thread where people feel that it is okay to single people out and say they have not right to state their views publicly.

Good luck to the EDL in Bradford, I am sure their demonstration will be a success that gives the ignored and vilified silent majority of the British people a voice and will send a message to the politicians that they cannot continue to ignore the will of the British people. If people are fed up of being ignored about their concerns about the emergence of sharia they should join the EDL in Bradford in their thousands on 28 August.”

It would appear that this comment has now been deleted by the moderators. Why?  Is the Guardian afraid of open and honest debate?  Yes, I think perhaps it is!

As of the time of posting here, the following comment is still there – perhaps its continued (for now?) inclusion in the comments section does not provide a threat to the prevailing wisdom of the Guardian ruling junta!

“Some people seem to be complaining that the EDL are getting too much publicity, even though the publicity is biased against the EDL. Take a look at this photograph and ask yourself why the multiracial nature of the EDL is ignored by the mainstream media: The mainstream media is a subversive force in our democracy that tries to demonise those in favour of democracy and take the side of those who are opposed to it for reasons of fairness. The media is doing everything it can to cast the EDL in an unfavourable light, but still people keep flocking to its ranks. The truth cannot be ignored, in terms of popular support the EDL is more mainstream than the mainstream political parties who ignore the public and their concerns.”

Anyway, why are opposing arguments apparently censored by the Guardian?  Is it because the Guardian, like other organs or the established mainstream media are just news managers rather than news reporters?

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7 Replies to “Guardian Newspaper Afraid Of The Truth?”

  1. The left ignores any evidence that doesn’t fit their politically correct definition of people and groups, the EDL is anti-multi-culturalism and thus has to be racist in their world view. This is something that occurs in all nations and will continue to occur while the left has any power.

  2. You are 100% correct the Guardian is the trendy left newspaper they are the labour party in print.Non of the media in the UK would never dare show support for the EDL or the BNP. They openly support terrorism if it`s ethnic and trendy under the pretence of “balance”?

  3. Think of the Guardian and The Independent as our TorStar and Globe&Mail and you will get the picture. They are Leftish.
    The Daily Telegraph is somewhat okay … but for how long? That’s the question.

  4. The left ignores any evidence that doesn’t fit their politically correct definition of people and groups

    And it isn’t like that just when it comes to sharia… 1300+ years of black and white slavery promoted by arab mahoundians (a topic on which Eeyore has posted extensively here) and arab racism against blacks are just two more such examples that, if something doesn’t fit the leftist narrative of blaming all the evil in the world on the West, capitalism and caucasian Jews and Christians, expect the PC/MC lobby never to utter a single word on the subject.

  5. Alas,The Telegraph went pretty much native years ago after the departure of Lord Black.Still,giving up this paper & it’s “Team Telegraph” led to the discovery of Steyn Online & through him the multifarious sites such as yourself & GoV etc.

  6. “Some people seem to be complaining that the EDL are getting too much publicity, even though the publicity is biased against the EDL.

    All publicity is good publicity. Its up to the EDL to make it work for them.

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