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7 Replies to “Crack in the EU dam”

  1. I hadn’t really thought this all the way through before, but of course! Huge numbers of people are going to end up in the wealthiest places collecting welfare, and the whole thing is going to grind to a halt, especially if Spain starts handing out passports to Cuba etc and the numbers become limitless. The socialist/internationalists just crave the destruction of the Western world, don’t they. You know what? I don’t think they’re going to get their way. I think there is going to be a huge backlash against all this utopian nonsense, in fact I think that backlash has already started. The thing is, the sooner it starts, the less violent it will be.

  2. Yes exactly. The sooner people act, the less action is necessary. Sadly, the history of the human race shows that people do not really do anything until the cost of not doing it is so exorbitant that we may not be able to win it.

    Do you think the modern American or Canadian can handle butter rationing and Chocolate being a luxury item and the idea of going on a diet to lose weight will seem like the preposterous consequence of affluence and success beyond imagining?

    Yeah I don’t either.

  3. My question is once the leftylibfags do destroy Western Civilization what do they plan to replace it with? Sharia? A workers paradise like Cuba? Perhaps the iron fisted system of North Korea? Tell us oh wise (as a clam) leftists.

  4. Lefties Don’t think that far ahead, Harry. Ask the lefties who put the Ayatollah in power, they weren’t thinking ahead either! Lefties just don’t like whoever’s in now, they don’t care what happens later.

  5. One questions the ‘knowledge’ as well. Often as not it seems they have programming in lieu of either wisdom or knowledge.

  6. I stand corrected Eeyore. The type of “programming” they recieve is a cheap sort of education resulting from a “dumbed down” curriculum made so that even drunken frat rats can get by.
    The “no kiddie left behind” system is totally devoid of any merit at all. One doesn’t need to master the knowledge just show up & get a passing grade. It’s in this atomsphere that the liberals can easily distort the truth to fit their agenda and the students buy it hook, line & dipsey.
    At one time colledge trained the minds of the students HOW to think, now they train them WHAT to think.

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