I guess beggars can be choosers. Muslim asylum seekers burn down center for ‘wrong’ food

From Live Leak: h/t Tundra T
Asylum seekers burn down reception center
Riot in a reception center for asylum seekers in Lier, Norway.
After not heeding the warnings from some of the asylum seekers, they took the law in to their own hands and burned down 3 of the living quarters at the center.

The main reason of the riot was because the mess hall did not want to serve halal meat for the muslims.
The center management meant that having 3 optional meals on the menu for each servings was enough, meat, fish and vegetarian.

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6 Replies to “I guess beggars can be choosers. Muslim asylum seekers burn down center for ‘wrong’ food”

  1. When will it occur to the powers-that-be that Muslims are a lot more trouble than they’re worth. Who needs them?

  2. Sorry. But this is really odd. In one word CRAZY. Asylum seekers are coming, as uninvited guests, to a country they have nothing with and are demanding asylum. The country could refuse their entering its borders and send them back to hell where they belong, but have not done so. Instead, they are can stay and wait juridical processes. The asylum seekers get from the foreign country boarding and meals. Instead of being grateful, the guests behave themselves as thought they are clients of a 5 stars hotel who are unhappy about the meals!. Their inferior mentality goes so far that they even inflict DAMAGE to the guest country.
    My advise to NORWAY and the rest of Europe: no refugees any more and no asylum seekers from Muslim and African countries. Let them live the shit they belong too and stay in the countries Allah gave them. They belong to the ‘Dreck’ and let them live it all the way.

  3. Inhabitants of Western and Northern Europe.

    If you want to have a future in your country, follow the next advice:

    Be a xenophobe in order to survive
    Be a racist and stay alive

  4. Why do we still allow them to come to our countries? The don’t like us, don’t like our culture, don’t like our food. so why for the devil are they coming? They don’t work , only eat qad the whole day. we don’t need them . Send them back from where they came from. Maybe it is not really safe but in some more years it is not safe for us habitants and cristians any more and who will look after us then ?

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