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8 Replies to “Science and anthropology as shown on Egyptian TV”

  1. Since this was posted in Egypt, I’m assuming he’s an Egyptian, speaking Arabic.
    He looks more European than Egyptian or Arabic: light brown hair, European features, light skin. What is he doing living in Egypt?

  2. There is a stident Dutch antisemite, Gretta Duysenberg, widow of one of the bankers/politicians who forced the Euro on us.

    She is in bed with the Palestinians and she has made a film, in Syria, that is about the awefulness of the Israeli’s. According to her and in that movie, Jews slaughter arab or christian babies for Pesach and drink their blood.

    I have not been able to find the video but I have read about is and it has been mentioned by name. Unfortunately I let the opportunity to see it slip, I just could not stomach to watch that sort of filth.

    The Dutch leftist inteligentia is very much pro-islam and anti-Israel. Even a political party, the CDA (Christian Democratic Appeal) is pro-moslim. In that political party are a number of international figures, Van Agt, Lubbers, Bilderberg Conference attendants and even Queen Bee is anti=semitic and very much leftist.

    Paula, there are many, many dhimmi’s in Holland and they do have political clout.

  3. These clowns, if they are serious in their quest for bloodthirsty racists , do not have to look very far. All they have to do is visit the local chapter of the Muslim Brotherhood or any one of those Islamo-centric organizations.

  4. Egypt has quite a few of those actually.

    All of which (not whom) are/were converts to mahoundianism, naturally.

  5. Islam’s leaders have known for centuries how to spread lies and hatred.

    Keep the population ignorant and largely illiterate and you can feed them any sort of BS.

    Reduce their imaginations to one small set of books (the koran and hadiths) and you can justify any sort of atrocities and propaganda.

    Its no wonder that the Muslim world accepts more irrational and un-historical conspiracies than any other parts of the world. They are kept stupid and compliant by their leaders who use extreme force and punishments for the lightest offences.

    As the Russians said of their newspapers “There is no truth in the news, no news in the truth”. So it is within Islam.

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