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6 Replies to “Dutch MP calls out Turkey and exposes hypocricy beautifully”

  1. yes, he has courage but the EU will not listen at this time.

    They eventually will one day but not until some type of great awakening takes place.

    I know there are a lot of god skeptics on this site but how else do you fight religion other then with religion?

  2. I wouldnt be suprised if he had a car accident or a airplane accident…..the truth is killing them. I love the PVV and Wilders. Good man to follow.

  3. An apology from Eggman Baggies, since mahoundians never apologize for anything, is unlikely. The only thing they actually might publicly express regret over or apologize for is bomb vests or dynamite sticks (snugly fitted up their rear ends, as a reminder of their good old days with their quran teachers in madrassas) that fail to detonate.

  4. Wonderful!!! Together with Geert Wilders in the government they can come a long way to stop the Islamization of the Netherlands.
    How cn you reverse it, is a better question.
    No more mosques. The churches are being destroyed in their country.
    I wonder tight now, of the few Jewidh temples their are, how safe they are.
    Turkey and Iran on human rights, what a laugh.
    Fight on Israel, you are surrounded by enemies, but acros the oceans you still have friends.

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