Telling the Truth About Mohammed is a Crime in Sweden

by Baron Bodissey

Child Bride
Here’s another news story that demonstrates the importance of Everybody Draw Mohammed Day: a man in southern Sweden is being prosecuted for his presentation of completely factual and authentic material about Mohammed and his child bride, Aisha.

What was the crime in question? A poster depicting Mohammed and Aisha, accompanied by these words:

He is 53, she is 9. Is that the kind of marriage we want to see in Skåne?

This information is straight out of the sunna, and is considered an unquestionable truth in Islam. Yet a Swede is being prosecuted for saying it.

Ted Ekeroth has kindly translated an article from Sydsvenskan about this farrago of justice (he also has a blog post in English on the same topic):

Justice Chancellor to prosecute Herslow

The chairman of the Skåne Party, Carl P. Herslow, displayed anti-Muslim posters during a public meeting. He is now being prosecuted for hets mot folkgrupp [“inciting racial hatred”].

After holding a public meeting at Stortorget [“the grand square”] in Malmö at the beginning of May, he was taken away by the police for interrogation. The police intervened after he had shown posters with different texts and illustrations.

The pictures shows the prophet Mohammed naked with a 9-year-old wife.

Herslow was photographed and immediately taken into custody by the police. He has been interrogated and the seized posters have also been analyzed by Statens kriminaltekniska laboratorium (“the state crime lab”, SKL).

SKL has said that the posters were printed using a large-format printer, and the crime is therefore subject to the “press freedom laws”.

– – – – – – – –

The crime is labeled as “inciting racial hatred” (hets mot folkgrupp) since Herslow showed the pictures in public.

The decision to prosecute was made yesterday by the Justice chancellor, JK, and if convicted the chairman may face jail time.

“If you look at previous cases where representatives of extremist groups haves been convicted of ‘inciting racial hatred’, Herslow may spend 4-6 months in jail,” says deputy chief prosecutor Bo Birgersson. There are similar cases where leaders of National Socialist Front were convicted in the Supreme Court for inciting racial hatred according to the freedom of the press laws.

“This is incredible. It will be interesting to discuss Islamic superstition in court,” says the party leader concerning the case.

As early as April 21, Sydsvenskan wrote that both the police and at least one individual reported the Skåne Party for putting up anti-Muslim posters in Malmö.

Björn Lagerbäck (FP), leading the “Malmö dialogue forum”, appealed to Muslim groups not to be provoked and called the Skåne Party “a small isolated sect”.

This is unbelievably Orwellian: Mr. Herslow is being prosecuted under “freedom of the press” laws.

Another article on the same topic may be found here (in Swedish).

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6 Replies to “Telling the Truth About Mohammed is a Crime in Sweden”

  1. Sweden, Denmark, UK, the whole of Europe is gone. Let’s just try to save Canada and the USA. I used to read about Malmo about a year ago and knew at that time that the situation was dire … you know what has happened there between that time and now. It is almost a fully operational muslim area now and the cops or any authority other than a muslim one is not allowed in there. The only thing that surprises me and also raises my fear is that the situation progressed so rapidly and within a year the muslims have accomplished almost everything that they set out to do in Malmo.

  2. You know, articles like this make me feel like there is no hope and that we are heading, inevitably, toward the most disgusting, bloody conflict in human history. But there is good news. Have you been following “Everybody Draw Muhammed Day”? Our governments all seem to be taking their orders from the Grand Mufti of Arabistan, but the people sure as heck aren’t! What an incredible groundswell of public opinion. There are countless hundreds of thousands of people, from Canada to India, who know exactly what’s going on. I did not know that. I thought it was just me and a few fellow weirdos like you and David Horowitz. Wrong! We’re just a couple of grains of sand on a huge beach. Maybe you can claim some credit, Eeyore-I think so. I had no idea so many people understood the issues so well and were so angry about it. Yes, our governments want us to shut-up and accept Islam, but it simply aint gonna fly, no siree. If I were a Muslim, I would be getting mighty nervous right about now. Maybe nervous enough to go and protest against the next terrorist attack instead of making up smarmy, tricky little excuses, like they always do: “How can you say that all Muslims are terrorists-you are racist, what about The Oklahoma City Bombing, Adolf Hitler was a Christian “(not true, by the way, read Mein Kampf). I wouldn’t be too surprised if Mr Obama got impeached, or seriously lame-ducked, as this popular awareness keeps growing, ’cause he is truly hopeless. All the Western governments want to say that this Islam thing isn’t happening, and I don’t really know why that is, but I don’t think the people are going to let that happen. Cool, eh? This is something like what Wafa Sultan said about opening a crack in the dialogue, getting the Muslim world talking about stuff they don’t usually talk about. All is not lost.

  3. Never mind that stuff I said about all not being lost…FaceBook shut down the “Everybody draw Muhammed” site. This will be known as The Age Of Cowardice. Those Facebook guys have enough money-why couldn’t they do something for the rest of us and stand up for what is right? They had their chance, and they walked away.

  4. And, just to add a bit to what Chris Jones said, we shouldn’t forget how, when given a chance to express their will through truly democratic means (and I do not mean like in the last sham election held in the United Kingdom of West Porkistan), people will stand up to mahoundianism; as Swiss voters did when they gave a whopping 57.5% of their votes to the ban on the building of minarets (despite threats that the European Court of Inhuman Rights might try to overturn it.) And, while most of the European press and “talking heads” talked about “fearmongering” and “ignorance” to dismiss the results as something that the Swiss did without really knowing what they were doing, Israel-hating, Qaddafi-loving Jean Ziegler had the following to say about it:

    I am not only surprised. I am ashamed, I’m scandalized because Switzerland has just veered to the extreme Right, has become a racist country (which race is islam again?); 57.5% of the population, in a completely free election, with a high voter turnout, have voted to ban the minarets, at the demand of a party of the extreme Right, the Union Démocratique, a little like the Front National in France. What is especially scandalous is the result – of course absurd, to ban through the Constitution, the Federal Constitution of a country that has been a democracy for 700 years – minarets on the most scandalous pretext: that minarets are the expression of the inherent violence of the Muslim religion, that it is a religion in which the minarets symbolize all the violence, the irrational, all the terrorism, that is contained in this religious dogma. It’s totally insulting to the 420,000 Muslims who live peacefully, working in Switzerland and totally respectful of the laws, and it is totally insulting to the 1.5 billion Muslims in the world. Because the third monotheistic religion, Islam, is the religion of tolerance, of goodness, of love (PUKE) as the two others have said. This outcome, expressed by my people who are, God knows, not idiots, not illiterates, the Swiss, is something I am profoundly ashamed of…

    Not idiots, not illiterates, precisely… Folks who, when interviewed after the vote, clearly said that the sharia ghettoes of the UK, Belgium, the Netherlands, Sweden and France, plus the intolerance and the violence and the PC/MC madness of the appeasing elites that came in the wake of the mahoundian invasion, were nothing they wanted to see within Swiss borders. There was clearly no fear, no ignorance, no lack of knowledge of what they were doing. And that was something that, as one Telegraph columnist noted, made the political elites of the UK and other European countries extremely relieved that they do not offer their voters the kind of real democracy that Switzerland offers its citizens.

  5. My apologies to FaceBook, they didn’t shut down ‘Everybody Draw Muhammed Day, it was hacked by an Arab. To FaceBook, I am truly, humbly, deeply, ashamedly, enormously sorry for doubting you. Really. My bad. I’m sick about it. It’ll never happen again. How could I be so incredibly thoughtless? I can’t live with myself.

  6. Kafir, there are more mosques/muslim in Switzerland than Churches/Christians, don’t believe that the minaret result was a part of Islamphobia her. Switzerland has more Muslims than Sweden and yet not the Swedish problem while the Swiss never had reason to intimidate the Muslims. Swedes are racists, Swiss less so.
    Freedom of speach does not mean we should intimidate other religions, they don’t show Jesus naked.
    We would not have to fear the muslims, if we had kept our armies out of their countries.

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