Wave of mass psychosis hits the Obama white house

I dunno what to say about this. It’s like the O admin out clever’d itself. It knows exactly who what and why these terrorist attacks are taking place, but has conjured a myth that it can be defeated by stolidly refusing to admit the facts on the ground.

For the record, this has been tried, and it has never, ever, worked.

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4 Replies to “Wave of mass psychosis hits the Obama white house”

  1. Am I the only sane person left?

    These morons who have taken over the White House, from Obama, Geitner, Jarret, Van Jones, Holder and all the others ad nauseam are singularly unfit to govern or to advise those who govern the once greatest power on earth.

    Not only is there a total lack of experience amongst this collection of buffoons, the overt socialist agenda and idealogy spouted by this mewling crowd makes it seem to be some sort of cosmic joke being played on us. The dearth of honest journalism and corruption of the main stream media is sickening as well as abetting this deadly farce. I can only compare the state of affairs we see here to pre-WWII Europe, with Hitler seizing power and convincing people through speech after speech to follow him to hell. I lived through that bastard’s rampage in Europe, Asia & Africa and am too weary to go through another megalomaniac’s rampage through America.

  2. Its either psychosis or the administration is practising what good Muslims practice, takkiya and kitman. Both are types of lies which conceal what the teller is really doing or believing.

    The administration, I believe, is run by a man practising both those things.

    Its like telling the world that the Soviet spies in the west were not really Communist agents, but suffering from some mystery ailment that the government never could get diagnosed properly.

    For the rest of the world, the diagnosis is in: Islam has influenced and condoned what all Muslim terrorists do. Islam is the faith of killers, rapists and pedophiles.

    Nothing the US government says will ever change that. It must be changed by the people who follow this ugly and atavistic ideology. In fact, it must be thrown into the dustbin of history, never to return.

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