Nazis now victim group in Canada

Frankly I’m not surprised. It was inevitable. Once you start extending special group status based on belief and not on something one cannot control, like genetics etc. this was guaranteed as its logical conclusion. Islam for example, is a choice. Yet we give it the same victim status as a group that faces true discrimination based on factors beyond the individuals control. And now, if you belong to an unfashionable political persuasion as well as a religion antithetical to a liberal world, you get special protection under the law.

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Can Nazis be victims of hate?

‘Nazi’ listed as an identifiable victim group in Toronto Police’s 2009 hate crime stats report

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By Karolyn Coorsh

May 7, 2010

Can Nazis be victims of hate?

According to Toronto Police’s 2009 report on hate and bias crime statistics, they can indeed.

In the report presented to the Police Services Board on April 22, Nazi is listed as one of the 27 identified victim groups targeted in hate-motivated criminal acts in 2009.

Under the breakdown of occurrences by police division, “Nazi” is listed as the victim group for one mischief offence that was reported in 13 Division. The west-end division polices parts of Forest Hill, Davenport, Cedarvale and Dovercourt.

In the report’s executive summary, Nazi also appears under the listing of “new victim group” for 2009; these are the identifiable groups that have not appeared in the previous hate/bias crime reports.

The category is puzzling, given that Nazi typically refers to a political party. Political organizations do not appear to fall under any of the hate/bias category codes used throughout the report’s charts and tables.

The Toronto Police definition of hate/bias crime is a “criminal offence committed against a person or property, where there is evidence that the offence was motivated by bias, prejudice or hate based on the victim’s race, nationality or ethnic origin, language, colour, religion, sex, age mental of physical disability, sexual orientation, or any other similar factor.”

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  1. As Eeyore has noted, the victimhood status given to the followers of the totalitarian, misogynistic, hateful, violent, racist, slavery-promoting, destructive, backwards, intolerant, hypocriticallyhomophobic ideology of mahoundianism, it would be just a matter of time until nazis were given the same treatment, and we freedom-loving, fascism-fighting infidels started to be referred to as “naziphobic” for opposing nazism.

    I wonder what Artemis Gordon Glidden’s thoughts on this issue will be if he learns about it, since he wrote the following post at New English Review’s The Iconoclast just a couple of weeks ago:

    hought experiment interlude

    After reading Esmerelda’s post (note: on a Britain-based Porkistani pedophile which, not who, won’t be deported to its native Porkistan because keeping it away from its wife and child would “violate its inhuman rights”, and possibly threaten that oh-so-sacred British “community cohesion”), I wonder what would have happened if Nazis in 1939 were as incompetent as today’s jihadis? What if Germany had invaded Poland, been defeated and lost territory in the defeat? Then, from within their corrupt, crumbling, and failing cities, they began to pour into the UK and the rest of Europe, all the while holding fast to their Nazi ideology, and forcing those host nations to bend to their wishes. Jews would be forced to wear yellow stars in order not to offend the newest Nazi immigrants. Schools would begin serving blood sausage, lager beer, and spaetzle to ALL students. Separate German-speaking-only schools would be set up, funded by Berlin, that indoctrinated students with Aryan racial supremacy theory. Beatings of Jews, gays, and intellectuals would dramatically increase, but it would be verboten to notice the overwhelming Germanicity of the brown-shirted attackers. There would be freedom-of-speech suits filed to protect their right to wear SS uniforms and swastika pins in their workplace. Factories would be forced to allot 5-times-daily goosestepping and Zeig Heiling marches for German workers. European politicians would make speeches (after parenthetically condemning extreme-Nazi-ism) praising Nazi ideology as The Ideology of Peace. Laws would be passed making it a hate-crime to insult Adolph. Anyone criticising the growing Nazification of Europe would be labeled “racist” and “Naziphobic.”

    Without firing a shot, they could have accomplished their goal, and conquered a bewildered and compliant Europe.

    But I know the answer to the hypothetical. I know my grandparents, and I know what their reaction would have been to all of this. They would have put up with nothing close to what we’re putting up with.

    Shame on us.

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