‘Shoe bomb’ attempt on US plane

BBC… A man has been detained after he tried to set fire to his shoes on a US flight, reports say.

The man was subdued on United flight 663 from Washington Reagan airport to Denver, ABC news reported.

While the presence of explosives has not been confirmed, reports are referring to the incident as a “shoe bomb attempt”.

AN ABC report identified the suspect as a Qatari diplomat stationed at the country’s Washington embassy.

5 Replies to “‘Shoe bomb’ attempt on US plane”

  1. Fer Christ’s sake. Why the F@ck am I taking my shoes, belt, coat, jewlery, dogtags, glasses off and having my laptop, hands, pda, memory sticks, arlarm clock, cell phone, GPS and other gagetry rechecked and scanned for GSR because of these assholes for a regional trip and STILL shit like this happens and nobody can recognize the elephant in the room: Islam.

    Let them charter their own planes and funnel the savings for less security to all non-muslims who fly. And if one of them sneaks on after that and pulls this terrorist shit, then don’t let them fly. Force them to reform once we exclude them from civilization.

    I know it’ll escalate from there, but apeasment only encourages them, so either way, our hand is forced.

  2. I,m shocked, after all our ‘Dear Leader, and his Central Committee C0mmissars have struck the words (dare I mention them) Islamists,Radical IsIamists,Jihad,and ‘War on Terror’ from the Governmental vocabulary. Perhaps all future alleged perpetrators should be given a desk appearance summons,and have Mr. Holder and his law firm represent them in night court. We will more than likely never get the true account of this incident,did anyone notice how quickly wittiness were silenced and ushered away from the press after the underwear bomber incident. After the PC police don’t want to hurt any ones ‘feelings’ here or abroad.

  3. Same story Jihad Watch. Except that it was all a joke. There are signs in airports that jokes regarding hijacking, bomb scares, terrorism ect. are taken very seriously. Apparently he is not going to be charged. Don’t you just love political correctness?

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