First reactions to Pim Fortuyn’s murder in Holland

I cannot thank V.H. and Baron Bodessey enough for this recent string of videos showing the progression of events leading up to the murder of Dutch liberal politician, Pim Fortuyn. His demonization by the government and the press, I do not know how much the press is owned or controlled by the government but if it is anything like Canada or England, it’s nearly entirely so, certainly is what inspired the leftist, sympathetic to Islam, to murder Mr. Fortuyn. The press mis-characterize him as “far right wing” exactly as they label Geert Wilders. Yet Pim Fortuyn was well known as, to quote Mark Steyn, a gay hedonist. About as far from right wing as you can get.

Perhaps later I will assemble the clips in some sort of chronological order into one film so it can be more easily seen how this all took place. For the moment, please watch the first footage we have of the reaction to Pim’s murder.

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  1. Fortuyn was so gay that if you met him during a gay party, all the gay men would call HIM a wooping fag. He was also literate, and besides his gayness slightly eccentric.

    The working class loved him tough. They looked right through his exterior and saw a real beating heart.
    They killed the man because he really believed in the liberal-marxist myth of helping the down-trodden. Before anyone askes what he was about: Let me tell you. The man wanted to help the Muslims immigrants by forcefully pulling them out of poverty and selfhatred. For that he was shot.

  2. The electorate was not the “down trodden”: it was overall the “middle class” and if Fortuyn did “aim” at any population group, it was the Dutch who like him were worried about the future of the country and knew where it went wrong. But indeed, his electorate did not care about Fortuyn’s private life: for Fortuyn was quite an expert on Islam and sincerely thought it was (still is) a threat to the national security and Dutch culture. That is what matters. He dared to speak out and confront the Socialists (even though he himself had been a member of the PvdA in the early 80’s) and established politics (which since the seventies is almost impossible: real free speech in the Netherlands is for the politically correct). He by the way had in time moved towards free market, small government ideas, security and preservation of Dutch norms and values and anti left-wing “elite” policy.
    Indeed, he also did want to help Muslims in the Netherlands by “educating these to this high conception of human society.”

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