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3 Replies to “Jewish Defence league speaks on Geert Wilders. Toronto Canada”

  1. Usually I do not act or speak out on some of these Right Wing Groups, but we are being targeted by Islam for takeover. They do not beleive in living in a host country and become one of them. Muslims beleive that they must work to change the host country to Islam. I can quote from the Qu’ran if you want. They practise their belief in full defiance of the laws of the host country and will do all in their power to live by Sharia Law, in communal form, unless/until they can institute Sharia into the host country. Sharia Law is their Conversion tool. So, to flush out Radical Islam, we must have a back lash that is more radical. So I support Geert Wilder, The English Defence League, and any other group that will STOP Islam in its tracks.
    Carmen Wallace (Ya’Acov Ben Avraham)

  2. Carmen:

    It may or may not come as a surprise to you, that the term ‘right wing’ is typically a rhetorical device, left wing and Islamic groups use to paint classically liberal groups with a tar brush in order to get people like you to avoid them.

    Listen to Geert wilders’ speeches carefully and other groups ‘labelled far right wing’ and tell me please what they have in common with anything you think of when you hear that label.

    Just some food for thought.


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