Excellent documentary debunking global warming, showing the fraud in the science.

Global warming is dying of exposure and if it isn’t, it’s because we aren’t working hard enough to spread the facts. Please watch this well done 40 minutes on the science of global warming and how it is being manipulated for political and monetary ends. If you don’t have that much time, Ill post what may be the most stunning 10 minutes below. However do watch it all if you are at all able.

Eeyore for Vlad

Link: Global Warming Hoax - The Other Side

Untitled from Vlad Tepes on Vimeo.

a ten minute excerpt:

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5 Replies to “Excellent documentary debunking global warming, showing the fraud in the science.”

  1. A 40 minute video refutes ~200 years of accumulated science?

    Yeah, that’s what you get when science is not taught properly in schools.

  2. If only the science behind global warming was in fact, 200 years of properly accumulated data. Of course the theory of anthropogenic global warming is nothing like 200 years old it’s more like 30 at the very most so, you sort of demonstrate what this film maker is saying. You just make uo stuff without backing it up to try and trick people to your point of view. Basic science refutes most global warming claims. Archimedes principle for one.

  3. Yes you could be paddeling one indeed. Maybe some day if a water main bursts. However so far, the oceans have not risen one millimetre since we began to measure ocean levels. So of course your example is nonsense.

  4. ‘I could be freezing my ass off on Market Street in San Francisco after tidal lock has stopped the rotation of the earth, and there will still be conservative fanatics who deny that humans are responsible for stopping the earths rotation due to mass migration from east to west or that it is even real. Please, read this article on this urgent issue’
    bad bad science indeed. Not even science at all but hysteria over nothing

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