Canada: Muslim gang violence; vicious attacks leave skaters with life altering injuries

From The Ottawa Citizen

Man recalls vicious attack for court

22-year-old stabbed, hit with shovel after aiding chased rink supervisor

By Andrew Seymour, The Ottawa Citizen, January 7, 2010

A 22-year-old man described in court how he was stabbed, hit in the face with a shovel and had his two front teeth knocked out while coming to the aid of volunteer rink supervisor who was savagely attacked after telling a group of youths to stop drinking and smoking in a change hut.

Stephen Lee testified he was playing hockey with two friends on the outdoor rink at Pauline Vanier Park at 1015 Harkness Ave. near Walkley Road and Wexford Way on Feb. 10 when he first heard 43-year-old Doug Beardshaw’s cries for help.

“He was running toward us and he was screaming for his life,” said Lee, describing how he saw Beardshaw running away from the skate shack with several young males chasing him.

“It was just my instinct to run over and help this guy out,” said Lee, who made his way with one of his friends toward the change hut with his skates still on.

Lee said he told the young males to leave when one of the males struck him across the face with a shovel, shattering the orbital bone around his eye in three places and leaving him with a cut that would require a dozen stitches to close.

Falling to his knees, Lee said four males started to punch, kick and knee him. Lee said he ran his tongue across the front of his mouth and discovered his two front teeth missing and blood streaming down his face.

“All the strikes came from behind me,” said Lee, describing how he believed he was being not only punched and kicked but also hit with a shovel or his hockey stick. Lee said he didn’t realize he was stabbed until a paramedic found a puncture wound in his left thigh.

His left eye swollen shut, Lee said he glanced back with his right eye at who was attacking him before desperately trying to crawl away while covering the back of his head with his hockey gloves. He recognized some of the males as part of a group that had been acting “suspiciously” in the change hut when he first arrived at the rink. The attack ended when one of Lee’s friends came to his aid.

Lee said he has since required $8,000 worth of dental work since the attack.

Lee was testifying during the aggravated assault trial of two 17-year-old males. A third teen has already pleaded guilty to the lesser offence of assault causing bodily harm.

None of the three can be identified due to provisions of the Youth Criminal Justice Act.

Three adults — Ali Ismail Ali, 19, and Said Mohammed Muddei, and Imed Yazit both 18 — are scheduled to stand trial later this year.

Court has heard that Beardshaw was also attacked by as many as eight young males, first being hit in the back with a beer bottle inside the skate hut before being ambushed a second time outside.

Once outside, Beardshaw said he was struck on the back of the head with a full beer bottle before being threatened by a tall male who claimed to have a knife.

Beardshaw was then attacked again, this time by a young male who repeatedly struck him in the head with a hard object that was concealed within a glove or mitt.

The attack was so severe that surgeons were forced to remove part of Beardshaw’s skull and he suffered serious brain damage because of the beating.

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