Free Speech: use it or lose it in cartoons.

I just threw together the first clip, which I found here although I don’t know if they did the editing or not, with the family guy clips. The heavy lifting here of course is South Park and Family Guy but I did mess with the New Yorker cover and and tattoo. I hope you get a giggle.

The person who edited the first clip makes an important observation though. Apparently it was OK to do Mohamed cartoons before the riots.

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  1. Here ZombieTime keeps a full Compilation of Muhammas’ Images during History and tells better about the Jylladposten’s Anectode (there were fake Images going around in the Arabic/Islamic world, Hand produced by a Danish Imam, meant to defame Danish Cartoonists – why should we get surprised? Islamic/-ist people aren’t known for their Honesty, and in fact …. Rest in Peace those who lost their Lives for those Imams’ Tricks):

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