For relativists unable to discriminate between the value of the west, and Islam

Here is a little contrast for those who seem unable to recognize the fruits of western secular thought with its traditions that come from the ancient Greeks and Romans, and Islam who’s previous intelectual arabic, Persian, and North African traditions such as the library at Alexandria Egypt, or the fine intelectual traditions of Persia were in fact destroyed by Islam. Top video pretty much represents the pinacle of Islamic thought. Bottom one, I would venture to say is the greatest accomplishment of western civilization. The fact that many might argue, shows how much and varied those fruits are.


I doubt you made it through the video above entirely. It was fairly banal. I bet you watch all of this one though:

And interestingly, we, as a culture, are able not to take the genuine fruits of our civilization that seriously. Yet those who cling to fantasies and empty baseless threats of course have to eliminate any sense of fun lest people notice it is pure fiction.

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