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2 Replies to “Tribute to a fallen soldier by his dad.”

  1. Excellent post Eeyore!

    I see photos of our fallen soldiers and I see my kids and their friends in their faces and it really hits home. Even if we don’t know them personally, these are OUR kids too and must be seen as just as precious as ones we happen to know.

    Meanwhile the CBC debates if it’s possible to support the soldiers and NOT support the mission! What a gift by the CBC to them! Far as I am concerned we send these soldiers as sitting ducks to play the roles of referees just to absolve our minds of guilt back here.

    There are no halfway measures that will make a permanent difference. Human life in southern Asia is and has always been cheap and really, what can be done without MASSIVE intervention?

    Let’s do these kids some justice. Maybe just seal the place off and get on with our lives.

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