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2 Replies to “The first honest climate change video I have seen”

  1. Dicken’s ghost of Christmas future should visit upon the anti-capitalist groupies in that film – should they succeed. Without capitalism, all those cell phones, motorized and lit-up propaganda floats (depressing as they were), portable sound systems to pump the air full of their anti-capitalist agenda, and various & sundry warming fashions would all be a thing of their own greedy past. Oh, to witness these fools waking to the consequences of the nightmare they wish to chain upon us all.

  2. Why not offer them an island? Perhaps somewhere in the Arctic ocean somewhere now that its so warm over there. The rest of us could watch by satellite as they build the utopia without capitalism the rest of us can use as a model to make a perfect world. I can’t wait. Hell as a reality show it could earn billions. Vlad will happily buy advertising on that show.

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