Mugabe and his rape gangs

Good thing Zimbabwe kicked out all its ‘racist’ white farmers and put in more non-racist black only communist people in their place isn’t it? Now we can watch a return to a more natural kind of political control. Found through GAR

From Canada’s National Post.

Mugabe arrives home

Robert Mugabe, the Zimbabwean president is branded one of the world’s “diabolical masterminds of sexual terror” in a report to be released today on rapes of opposition supporters before last year’s presidential election.

“Ironically, among the few men who have stopped to analyze the unique, destabilizing power of rape are those who use it as a strategy … to control civilian populations and maintain power,” says the study by Aids-Free World, a New York-based advocacy group.

“Mugabe … understands gender; he understands rape. He understands impunity.”

Titled Electing to Rape, the 65-page report draws on testimony from 70 survivors of an “orchestrated campaign of rape and torture” carried out by youth militia, liberation war veterans and others working for Mr. Mugabe’s Zimbabwean African National Unity-Patriotic Front (ZANU-PF) party over five months.

“Striking patterns occurred throughout the testimonies … and cannot be coincidental,” says the report, which will be released in Johannesburg by the group’s co-director, Stephen Lewis, the Canadian activist and former politician, and other officials.

Eighteen of the women held positions as officers within the Movement for Democratic Change (MDC), the main opposition party. Another 47 described themselves as “active” members because they volunteered for its campaigning activities. Thirty of the women also had spouses, parents or other relatives who held significant MDC positions.

“Women … affiliated with MDC were abducted, beaten and gang-raped … and they were told exactly why it is happening to them,” the report says. “These were not random acts of rape and violence.”

Violence against MDC supporters led the party’s leader, Morgan Tsvangirai, to bow out of a run-off election even though he had edged out Mr. Mugabe in the first round.

While the violence was widely reported at the time, the new study offers some of the strongest evidence yet that Mr. Mugabe’s regime systematically used rape as an intimidation measure. In the last decade, rape has come to be viewed as a crime against humanity when committed as part of a widespread attack.

Although the report recognizes Zimbabwe is unlikely to do anything about the rapes, it criticizes South Africa for failing to rein in Mr. Mugabe, once one of the continent’s revered liberation leaders.

South Africa is the only country in the region that has, as a signatory to the UN’s war crimes court treaty, passed “universal jurisdiction” laws that permit prosecution for war crimes committed elsewhere.

“That the national prosecuting authority has declined thus far to investigate allegations of torture in Zimbabwe — despite having been requested to do so–indicates a lack of political will rather than insufficient legal capacity,” the report says.

“South Africa, if presented with credible allegations against Zimbabwean perpetrators of rape who typically enter South African territory, should put aside political considerations and fulfill its legal duty to investigate.”

According to survivors and two witnesses, the attacks usually happened at night.

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5 Replies to “Mugabe and his rape gangs”

  1. I honestly cannot think/recall of any decent African leader post WWII. Marxist-Lennism has done that continent wonders. What a horrific place to live.

    It’s really sad to say, but the photographer character Orlando Jones played in the movie, “Primevil”, is so ironically correct when he states:
    “I hate to say it but slavery might have been a good thing. Anything to get the fuck out of Africa.”

  2. Why are we surprised, all the evidence is there. Blacks have lower IQs on average than whites, and a different genetic makeup, which makes them on average more violent.
    The allegiance to Communism, like an allegiance to any collectivist ideology, is just a veneer for greed and despotism.
    Where ever you get large concentrations of blacks, you get spiraling crime, given that Africa has a huge concentration of blacks, you could hardly expect anything else, could you?
    Rhodesia run by whites, and thriving economic success, run by blacks, a complete mess.
    South Africa is rapidly falling towards the mean for Africa, it won’t be long now.
    The irony is that blacks are far crueler to blacks than whites ever were. But it doesn’t seem to matter to the playtime left, with their endemic inverse racism, as long as the person hacking you to death is black it’s ok.

    If stopped subsidising these primitives, they’d be forced to face the consequences of their own actions, just like Islam would.

  3. I do feel that things are not so straightforward as to be based on IQ. I live in the UK and I am from one of the darkest countries on earth. I do believe that IQ does, however, play some part in the development of a country especially with regards to the genius level people driving the engine of innovation. Isreal is especially blessed with this. They have more high tech start up countries than anyone else. A book called Start Up nations gives all the details. The UK is also a country with amazingly talented people. What if the majority of people are idiots like myself but a few bright sparks can light the show. All we have to do is party. This is actually the case in the UK. The intelligence at the top is stunning but the rest of the population is so average. I know I hang out with them all the time. Believe me when they get talking it ain’t too brilliant. But hey I love them. They are my crowd. Peace and blessing to all of them.

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