Please visit the Brussels Journal and read their post on the riots in France.

Here is a one paragraph excerpt taken out of context but really, click over and read this. Its thorough and well explained. The riots that took place within the last few days in France seemed to have a lot of conflicting information and it is quite difficult to come to any understanding of them. Was this some kind of ‘globalized’ soccer hooliganism? In a way, this would at least be one manner in which immigrants had managed to integrate somewhat into European society.

Or is it more political and darker in nature? I suppose the first thing I would like to know is, the boat that was set on fire in France, was it an Algerian owned one? An Egyptian? I highly doubt it.

From The Brussels Journal:

The violence rapidly escalated, with mostly black thugs beating up whites, at least as far as the photos tell us. Here is the brief report from Novopress. Please consult the French blog François Desouche, even if you don’t know French. The photos and videos will give you some idea of the violence:

The event turned into a riot. Store fronts were smashed and cars damaged near the Ecole
Militaire, where there were large crowds. According to a visitor to the website TF1 News, some rioters first used oranges to throw at passers-by or at the people who had come in the hopes of getting a few euros. Then they progressed to more serious methods – obviously premeditated, since we can distinctly see weapons in the hands of certain rioters. One of them is even waving a machete! “The neighborhood was sacked”, she told us. Passers-by were molested, a photographer beaten up. Around 2:15 p.m. calm was restored.


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