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Thanks Jdamn for this article. From her blog, The Force of Reason:

Oh, Hell’s Yes! Judge Carter to Introduce Legislation Granting Fort Hood Victims Combatant Status

November 14th, 2009

That means that they would receive Purple Hearts, and that the US would effectively recognize that we are at war with political Islam.

Will Pvt. Andrew William Long receive a Purple Heart, too?

“The attack on Fort Hood was a planned terrorist attack, the same as the attacks against our forces overseas,” says Carter. “Our wounded and the families of those who lost their lives should receive the same treatment, recognition, and benefits as if the attack occurred on a U.S. military installation in Iraq or Afghanistan.”

While many military and survivor benefits are the same regardless of the status of the casualty, combatant status allows military personnel to receive the Purple Heart, and civilians to receive the civilian equivalent award, the Secretary of Defense Medal of Freedom. Combatant status would also guarantee that the beneficiaries of all military personnel who lost their lives in the attack would receive the maximum life insurance benefit available, among other benefits.

It’s almost like some of our elected officials live and operate in reality.

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