A Canadian solution to gender inequality in Islam.

I have read and posted countless stories dealing with Islam, its dress codes for women, it’s demand for the right to remove the right for women to decide what they can wear and it’s utter and very un-Canadian gender inequality. Remember, I write from Ottawa, the Capital of Canada where women in fact sort of won the right to go topless outdoors in public as men sort of have that right as well. I say sort of, because it wasn’t long after Ottawa City Council voted to give Ottawa women the ‘right’ to bare breasts when an Ottawa Football team started having ‘Mardis Gras’ nights and men were giving strands of beads to women for showing their stuff. Of course, that same city council banned that on the grounds that it was ‘exploiting women’.  So in Ottawa, women have the right to go topless, unless they do, then they are being exploited, so they cannot.

However the Muslim community offers a special problem. They demand the right to remove the right for women to self determine what they can wear or how they are to be ‘exploited’. Hell Muslim women in Toronto even sued UPS for not being able to wear the long bathrobes at work as UPS demands pants for safety reasons as all employees there will from time to time find themselves on ladders.

Islam demands that only men may wear pants.

Well. I propose this very Canadian solution to the entire issue of gender and Islam.

Clearly gender inequality cannot be tolerated. This is Canada after all. And we do also know, that a full face covering that shields identity of women presents problems on everything from voting to presenting a bus pass, while Muslim men on the other hand, seem to think we all want to look at their faces.

Pants are more practical than bathrobes for both men and women, and women in the west fought for a decade or more for the right to wear pants and be accepted, this right being finally won by Mary Tyler Moore as she demonstrated five days a week on the Dick Van Dyke Show. (By the way, why is there no statue to Ms. Moore on Parliament Hill? Would make more sense than the one there now of Nellie McClung and her eugenics program) cbs_dickvandykeshow2

So I propose the following.

The perfect solution to Islam and gender inequality. A simple, elegant solution. All devout religious Muslims who wish to make their women dress according to the laws of sharia must also wear the same thing. Good for the goose right? Must also be good for the gander.

A one size fits all, practical solution which would allow the women to work at UPS, the men to know that their women are properly covered, a nice shield so that the men are also easily recognizable as devout Muslims in case we encounter them on a bus, train, airplane, military base, on a bycicle with large saddlebags etc. and can take proper defensive action, and although her face is covered, we can still actually identify the person with this suit on. I call it, the ‘Beerka.’

A gender neutral Islamic garb

A gender neutral Islamic garb

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  1. this is insulting and wrong, just because Muslim women try to keep their dignity and don’t show half of their body off to the world doesn’t mean they are wrong! you are the ones that are wrong and everyone should respect other views and religions just like Muslims respect Christianity and other religions. secondly, the aren’t called “bathrobes” and men can wear shorts even dresses, not only pants. get your facts straight then come and try to be a good philosopher .and for your information, men are saying that they rape women because of the way they dress and fill themselves with makeup and plastic. and if you are used to seeing naked women in your streets than that’s just vulgar and disrespectful, i am a Muslim, i may not wear a hijab and what so, but in our religion we are not forced to wear so called “bathrobes” or a veil we are only forced to wear a hijab (only if we believe it the right thing to do) maybe thats why a very small amount of arabs and muslims are getting raped and sexually abused. so please keep your irreleavent and very stupid toughts and solutions to yourself.

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