Left and Right: Backing the Intifada

From The Brussels Journal

It’s been nearly two decades since the United Nations repealed the General Assembly Resolution that equated Zionism with racism. Yet “Zionism equals racism” became the mantra of the radical Left and their Islamofascist allies, and, it seems, some are trying to twist the logic still further: If Zionism equals racism, then “Zionists” (and let’s not forget their neocon allies) must be connected to neo-fascist parties and organizations – the Left’s traditional enemy.

Neocon Europe, for example, asserts a connection between US neoconservatives and the European far-Right, right on its home page (neoconeurope.eu). Modeled after Wikipedia (although with no access to edit entries), at first glance the website looks legitimate, even if most entries consist of only a sentence or two. There is a lengthy entry on Douglas Murray, but his highly praised book Neoconservatism: Why We Need It is not in the recommended reading list of books on the links page. Instead, those hostile to neoconservatism are.

That would be one thing, but a list of articles supposedly written “by neocons” includes “Understanding Jewish Influence III: Neoconservatism as a Jewish Movement” by one Kevin MacDonald. MacDonald is not a neocon, it turns out. According to the Southern Poverty Law Center he is a “true anti-Semite and white supremacist,” whose books are sold by neo-Nazi groups, such as National Vanguard, and an inspiration to such figures as David Duke. The Anti-Defamation league likewise states that MacDonald espouses White supremacist views based on social Darwinism.

In the article in question MacDonald gives a new spin to old prejudices – the Jews control the media, the Jews/neocons control the Whitehouse, the neocons dragged the US into war, and so on, and so on. There are profiles of “neocons” ranging from Donald Rumsfeld to Daniel Pipes. And MacDonald also claims that, “[i]n alliance with virtually the entire organized American Jewish community, neoconservatism is a vanguard Jewish movement with close ties to the most extreme nationalistic, aggressive, racialist and religiously fanatic elements within Israel.”

It is deeply deceitful, and indeed perverse, to recommend an article on the “Jewish influence” by a White supremacist, while claiming that the author is a “neocon” (read “Jew”). But then Neocon Europe isn’t run by neocons either. It’s actually run by Muhammed Idrees Ahmad, a PHD student and admirer of anti-Semitic conspiracy theorist Gilad Atzmon, and David Miller, a far-Left professor at the University of Strathclyde, Scotland. (Harry’s Place blog has an article on Ahmad here.)

A few days ago I came across another article of interest: “Israel’s anti-Semitic friends.” It was authored by Tony Greenstein, a trade unionist, socialist, and self-described “anti-Zionist, anti-racist,” and published by a webzine called, believe it or not, The Electronic Intifada.

While I strongly disagree with Greenstein, it should be noted that, unlike many on the far-Left, he has rightly attacked Atzmon for his conspiratorial anti-Semitism, and has himself been attacked for taking this stand. Nevertheless, the proposed alliance of anti-Semites and Israel is more than faintly reminiscent of the absurd and repulsive conspiracy theory that Jews financed Hitler in order to establish Israel – a theory that has been promoted by British-based Ahmad Thompson among many others on the Islamist extreme Right.

Greenstein asserts in his article that Israel and anti-Semites/neo-fascists are now falling into a kind of alliance, and gives several examples to illustrate his point. I disagree with his assessment, not least of all because those referenced include the Conservative Friends of Israel and libertarian-with-a-cause Geert Wilders. However, it will be worth citing Greenstein’s mention of the British National Party and Jobbik: “[T]he only far-right party that I could find whose anti-Semitism is disguised as anti-Zionism,” he says, “is Jobbik,” and “This is the party that the BNP, which ‘opposes anti-Semitism,’ is joined with in the European Parliament.”

He is right about the alliance of these two parties, at least. About a week ago the BNP announced that it had formed an EU bloc with several far-Right parties, including Jobbik, which, with nearly 15 percent of the vote in Hungary, is the largest in the group.

The BNP is an avowed “anti-Islamification” party. Contrary to what Greenstein believes, Jobbik is openly anti-Semitic, and its leader Krisztina Morvai, at least, is pro-Palestinian, and, it would seem, pro-Islamist. Morvai accuses Israeli leaders of war crimes, and is pictured wearing the keffiyeh (an emblem of Palestinian militancy favored by Islamists and the far-Left), on Jobbik’s official website.

Moreover, as the formation of the BNP-Jobbik bloc was being negotiated, the Palestinian Telegraph and Islam Times announced a “pro-Palestinian” rally to be held in the UK, with Morvai among the names of scheduled speakers. The event is being organized by the Palestinian Return Centre, a Hamas front group.

Jobbik is obviously not a friend of Israel. Griffin, though – as Greenstein points out – recently asserted that he had “[…] brought the BNP from being frankly an anti-Semitic and racist organization into being the only political party which in the clashes between Israel and Gaza stood full-square behind Israel’s right to deal with Hamas terrorists.” And now, of course, the “anti-Islamification” BNP is allied to a party, whose leader is advancing Hamas’ agenda in Britain. Make sense?

As if it needed to be spelled out, here is the central problem with the thesis of neo-fascist parties allying with Israel: neo-fascists have long allied – and still align themselves – with Palestinian and Islamist groups, to oppose Israel and Jews.

In other words, neo-fascism is almost indistinguishable from the “anti-Zionist,” anti-Israel, pro-Hamas, pro-Islamist far-Left. No doubt this explains why some are turning to White supremacists for information on Jews and neocons, and why others want to distinguish themselves from Jobiik and co., even as they cozy up to Islamofsascists – even if it means concocting an alliance of Israel and anti-Semites.

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