“NYPD is racially profiling” Muslims charge


Muslim advocates charge NYPD is racial profiling in Queens raids tied to alleged Zazi terror plot

BY Henrick Karoliszyn and Samuel Goldsmith

Updated Saturday, October 10th 2009, 4:52 PM

Marchers gather in front of the Queens Public Library in Flushing Saturday to rally against perceived racial profiling in the NYPD's terror probe.

Farriella for News
Marchers gather in front of the Queens Public Library in Flushing Saturday to rally against perceived racial profiling in the NYPD’s terror probe.

Recent terror raids in Queens have led to a spike in fear and racial profiling, Muslim advocates charge.

About 40 people rallied outside the Flushing Public Library Saturday to draw attention to what they called an uptick in targeted policing.

The rally was in response to raids last month linked to a suspected bomb plot. Najibullah Zazi, 24, who authorities say was trained at an Al Qaeda terror camp, pleaded not guilty to conspiring to detonate explosives.

“An entire community of people and religion should not be profiled or characterized as terrorists because of [one] certain investigation,” said Monami Maulik, who runs the South Asian immigrant rights group Desis Rising Up and Moving.

Naiz Khan, who allowed Zazi to stay at his Flushing apartment, said FBI agents raided his flat and he hasn’t been able to find work since.

“I was so scared and I was so nervous,” he said. “I have been so affected by this.”

“People are scared,” said Sultan Faiz, a leader at Abu Bakar Mosque in Queens.

Organizers say Muslims in New York haven’t been this scared since the months after 9/11, when some were subject to discrimination across the country.

The NYPD issued a statement saying they don’t engage in racial profiling.

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  1. Hugh Fitzgerald couldn’t have described the reasons why those inbred bedouin savages are scared any better:

    Muslims are “scared” because some Muslims were successfully apprehended as they plotted to kill people in New York and elsewhere? They should be “scared” only if such plots succeed. They should applaud every apprehension before attacks are carried out, and move heaven and earth to collaborate as fully with the government as they can, and that means not merely giving names of those directly involved in terrorism, but warning long in advance about everyone who is likely to support violent Jihad, and not just violent Jihad against Infidels, but who thinks apostates should and can be punished by Muslims, those who think it perfectly approrpiate to use weapons of Jihad other than violence, and those who deliberately mislead, smiling at the Infidels while there is murder in their hearts, as they burrow as deeply as they can within American society, American political life, to obtain the same goals as those who plant bombs — that is, the spread and then the dominance of Islam, everywhere.

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