UK: EDL Confronted by Fascist Anti-Fascists in Piccadilly Gardens

This is all courtesy of the Sheik.

DAILY MAIL: More than 2,000 people were protesting in political demonstrations in Manchester this afternoon. Anti-Islamic protesters from the English Defence League (EDL) were involved in a face-off with counter-campaigners from Unite Against Fascism (UAF) at the city’s Piccadilly Gardens. A line of police officers, dogs and mounted police separated the two groups. Police said 30 people had been arrested on suspicion of public order offences, including one on suspicion of carrying a weapon.

Members of the right-wing English Defence League brandished a Union flag as they goaded protesters from Unite Against Fascism.

The report from the Mail is pathetic. Al BeBeeCeera is slightly more accurate

Protesting against Sharia

Police issued a stern message to troublemakers. Chief Superintendent Gerry Donnellan said: ‘If people come to Manchester to protest they are legally entitled to do so.

‘As soon as they step over the line between lawful protest then we will be taking positive action against those individuals.

The Sheik: * Authorities are still trying to get away with labeling opposition to sharia ”racist”:

[TT: That’s the result of allowing the LEFT, with its racist wing of Islamic sharia supporting Fascists, neo-Nazis, Anarchists and anti-Fascists, to control the debate about Islam in the West. All of these wings within Leftism need each other and are aggressively helping destroy our societies. The EDL happens to be a group that seeks to be a bulwark against the further erosion of British society and its values.

If the mainstream parties want to take the bull by the horns and set the tone for the rest of society, they better start taking these issues more seriously than they have in the past. Taking a strong stand against sharia would be the very first welcome move by the state, which would have a great impact on these anti-Islamization groups.]

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