Vintage 1951 Air France Video ‘Flight to Israel’ Shows Truthfull Narrative of Recent Israeli History

This was originally posted at the Tundra  Tabloids.
Thanks to Daniel for the hat tip about this video, taken during a time when France had not yet become anti-Israel. The Tundra Tabloids deems the documentary/promotional video of Air France to be more historically accurate than anything its media prints about Israeli history today.
This is a look into an unique time capsule from a period where the demonization campaign against the Jewish state of Israel, had not been yet formulated and brought into fruition, and the European contintent not yet in the process of bein Islamized. How things have changed in 63 years. KGS
NOTE: Eeyore reminds that: “The ‘condemned for health reasons’ is the part that can start new riots.”

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