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4 Replies to “Women’s group stands up to PETA, Fights for women’s rights.”

  1. I know that this video is comedic by nature, however the fact stands that it is alarmingly accurate. The women in those campaigns seem to have less respect for themselves than animals. Peta, like Islam, is clearly seeking to destroy the value of human life.

  2. Spongeloaf, I, like all humanists, am a strong believer in animal rights and equal rights for women, but feminist groups and PETA don’t care about either. They’re socialist propaganda arms, which is why they railroaded Sarah Palin and euthanize more animals than they save, respectively. It’s the same reason why the NAACP defends Van Jones but uttered not a peep about Ken Gladney’s beatdown at a town hall. If you deviate from liberal orthodoxy you get no love from them. It’s also the same reason why cap and tax people never make the vegetarianism case (that more carbon emissions come from meat production than anything else humans do and that eating meat uses up 3x more grain than is necessary so vegetarianism would end world hunger overnight): because farm subsidies and food price-fixing constitute Marxism, which they love. Oh, and they all love death a whole lot, like all liberals.

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