From The Gates of Vienna: Pride for thee but not for me?

Monday, September 07, 2009

Shame for Me, Pride for Thee

by Baron Bodissey

Paul Green just sent me this quote from Newsweek. It highlights an issue that Fjordman and others have written about many times before: Ethnic pride is acceptable and desirable and should be encouraged in any group — so long as it’s not white.

This is the general subtext that underlies all politically correct multicultural dogma, but it’s rarely stated so clearly and so openly.

As Paul says:

Orwell’s words seem more than apropos when considering this Newsweek article about how children perceive race. It is just suffused with multicultural cant and white race-shame.

The money quote:

Preparation for bias is not, however, the only way minorities talk to their children about race. The other broad category of conversation, in Harris-Britt’s analysis, is ethnic pride. From a very young age, minority children are coached to be proud of their ethnic history. She found that this was exceedingly good for children’s self-confidence; in one study, black children who’d heard messages of ethnic pride were more engaged in school and more likely to attribute their success to their effort and ability.

That leads to the question that everyone wonders but rarely dares to ask. If ‘black pride’ is good for African-American children, where does that leave white children? It’s horrifying to imagine kids being ‘proud to be white’. [emphasis added]

Why is it horrifying?

Why is it laudable to be proud of your ethnic group, but only if you’re not white?

Oh, yes, I know all the reasons — the Middle Passage, Hitler, our history of brutality and colonial exploitation, Hitler, Jim Crow, Hitler, systematic prejudice and discrimination by whites against non-whites, Hitler, and My Lai. And did I mention Hitler?

How about the whites of Zimbabwe? They’re a persecuted minority who are subject to beatings, rapes, expropriation, and murder. Can’t they be proud?

Nope. They’re white. No pride for them!

I’ll say it one more time: Stick a fork in us. We’re done.

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