Links for Sept 3 2009.

Something I haven’t done for a while. A list of worthy links many of which are from the great TROP while others are from the venerable GOV. Please forgive the flippancy I use here. Sometimes the horror and inhumanity of this gets to me.

First, my Muslim mother hired a hit man to kill me. This is worth clicking on if for no other reason that this girl is smoking hot in a ‘Star Trek Extras’ sort of way. I can’t look at her without imagining William Shatner wooing her to the regret of her father. Clearly her family had issues with her actually making choices for herself and her own life though.

On the alien front, the wife of the next Prime Minister of Japan explains how she spent time on other planets. Very green she said. Nice to know even the leader of a mighty industrial nation such as Japan has a weakness for crazy chicks and it isn’t just us shmoes down in the trenches.

U.N. agrees not to teach The Holocaust in Gazanian schools. Perhaps an order from the Great Gazoo himself? Im surprised though I figure at least they would want it taught except as a sort of ‘how to’ rather than a history course. I suppose we should be grateful.

The Islamic world once again shows great thrift. For most of us, weddings and funerals are life’s most stressful events as well as greatest expenses. The Muslim world teaches us thrift by combining both events in one evening. instead of funerals and weddings being two things you have to worry about, do them all at once and just kill everyone at the wedding.

Gazanians seem to work at two skills yet oddly do not seem to get better at them. 1. digging and 2. amateur rocketry. Here is a story about some Gazanian  diggers failing to achieve their goals of creating a strategic tunnel with which to murder Jews and one can be fairly certain that NASA has not sent any scouts to Gaza looking for the next Hermann Oberth.

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