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4 Replies to “More of, ‘The Cargo-Bike Imam’”

  1. My pleasure Paul, but it is a team effort, with VH doing the hard work of translating. The subtitling is fun and the good Baron from Gates of Vienna is coordinating all this. However I begin to think that maybe this guy is sort of a Dutch-Moroccan version of Andy Kauffman. The plan is to do a bunch more of these videos in the next month. One has a hard time believing that if it is lampooning Islam Dutch TV and more so, leftist Dutch TV would allow this on. But what else can it be? The third picture the kids are drawing is a stoning of a woman for crying out loud.

  2. Is this Something Satirical? I hope Parents will comment these Videos together with the Children, adopting our Western Ethic, which means: Images of Beheadings and Planes crashing into Building (and Women being stoned) are the Fruit of Beastiality. The Comment will flow like this: “Those who do so, are un-educated Beasts – or just Beasts -“. [Thank you for your Blog, you’re great and Gates of Vienna, too.]

  3. Persia Im begging to think its comedic in the Andy Kauffman tradition. So… sort of too clever to be really funny but funny. Try this experiment with a friend:
    Sit them down and explain the one on ‘Education’ as if it was an idea of yours for a TV show. I did this and had my friend rolling with laughter. Describe it right from the beginning. Frankly I can’t wait to see the next one. Im hoping to get it tonight.
    Don’t forget to tell your friend that at the end you have the excited kids all coloring pictures of men stoning a woman and a beheading.

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