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3 Replies to “Could someone please explain this?”

  1. It’s astonishing!

    I watched it and it looks quite ‘legit’ to me. I can’t imagine Beck just putting it out there for fun, and it appears Goldberg, and the lady are buying it as well.

    Whist I am sure they can trace pretty much anyone if they want to – with the exception of islamist terrorists – to agree to giving over your PC with the click of a mouse is so “Communist Russia/China” it is unbelievable in the USA!

  2. Most amazing is the ease they did it. With the promise of money [if you qualify] people are willing to fall for this.
    As for being able to explain it. I can’t.
    I will compare it catching ants with sugar. A trap.

  3. I am amazed at the ease at everything they are doing!

    In the clip it mentions that this applies only to dealers, but Doc Bulldog thinks it is more than that.
    I have been trying to keep up with the all the ‘blogs I like – quite a challenge – but this writer seems to be on the ball:

    I also think Sultan Knish writes some excellent pieces.

    Both of them have their articles cross-posted at Canada Free Press.

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