Muslim man enslaves Jewish woman, rest of the story too horrible for headline

Please go over to The Force of Reason to see the video made showing how this man is in fact no more and no less than being what Mohammed commanded followers of his religion to be and to do. Warped, disgusting and sad but it does no good to not know.

From Israel National News:

Woman Tells of Being Saved from Arab Husband-Turned-Jailer

by Hillel Fendel

( Over 500 women heard the dramatic story this week of a woman rescued from her Arab husband-turned-jailer by the anti-assimilation Yad L’Achim organization. The gathering took place in the central Israel city of Elad.

The women were treated to a unique, first-time appearance of a young woman who was rescued by Yad L’Achim volunteers from the Arab village in which her husband kept her captive.

“At the last moment,” she recounted with tears, “the people of Yad L’Achim were able to save me from inside the village. They were truly selfless.”

She told how she was first brought to the Galilee village, without even knowing that her new husband was not Jewish. The woman detailed the physical suffering and mental anguish she underwent during the period in which she was, for all intents and purposes, incarcerated in the Arab town.

The audience was even more enraptured when the woman’s two children – typical Arab youngsters until recently, who have now returned to their religion – recited the fundamental Shma Yisrael prayer with great devotion.

“By the merit of Yad L’Achim, I have now returned to my nation and my people, in a secret and well-furnished apartment,” she said with heartfelt appreciation.

Three Children Saved, Three Still in Hamastan
The participants also heard a heart-rending case of Jewish children left alone and stuck in Hamas-run Gaza, after their Arab father was killed during Operation Cast Lead. Their mother was able to escape to Israel with three of her children, aged 5-8, but her two twin daughters, aged 3, and her 10-year-old daughter, are still there, being raised by their grandfather. The elderly Arab says he will be glad to return the daughters to her, if she merely agrees to marry her husband’s brother.

A Yad L’Achim social worker warned the audience against apathy, and said that this kind of tragedy can happen – and often does – to families that least expect it. “Do not think that this is only a marginal phenomenon. More and more nice girls from good families are exposed to this type of dark and dubious relationship, with calamitous results.” Explaining that it can develop from a chance encounter with a busboy in a restaurant or deliveryman, she gave practical tips by which parents can supervise their daughters in this regard.
Additional gatherings for married women will take place next week in Bnei Brak (Wednesday evening, 8:30, Armonot Chen), Beit Shemesh (Sunday evening, Zinman Community Center), Beitar Illit (Monday evening, July 27), and Jerusalem.

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