Swede beaten up at McDonalds, called a racist.

Details are still coming about this one, but at first blush, a Muslim employee and security guard at a McDonalds in Sweden kicked the crap out of a Swede and called him racist.

From the Liveleak page where the video was: (It was removed from youtube)

McDonalds employee and security guard beats up costumer

An employee at a McDonalds restaurant in Gothenburg, Sweden attacked and beat up an costumer the night to Sunday. A Security guard took also part in the assault. The incident is now hot stuff in Scandinavian media.

The employee had been identified as a guy named Tarik, and you can hear him shout profanities at the victim during the assault. A lot of people on various forum climes that Tarik call the victim “racist” several times during the assault, but due to the low quality on the sound it’s hard to hear what he really says.

Here is a link to the Gates of Vienna site which has a lot more info and links to the story from various news sources. Always worth checking GOV. Thanks Baron for the heads up on this.

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