CBC: China closes mosques to stop ‘ethnic’ unrest.

From CBC Canada:

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China orders mosques closed amid ethnic unrest

one of the Huiger rioters

one of the Huiger rioters

Mosques in the riot-hit capital of China’s northwestern Xinjiang province have been ordered to stay closed for Friday prayers in the wake of recent ethnic violence, media reports quoted Chinese officials as saying.

An official who identified herself as a government worker but refused to give her name was quoted as saying the decision to close mosques in Urumqi had been made for public safety and that “people should stay at home today and pray.”

Separately, officials in the province’s southwestern city of Kashgar have told visiting journalists that they and other foreigners had to leave the city.

The city’s foreign affairs office said that although the city has had no unrest, the decision was made to ensure the safety of the visitors.

At least 156 people have died in ethnic violence between Han Chinese and minority Muslim Uighurs in Xinjiang since Sunday.

The protests started in Urumqi, when demonstrators gathered to demand justice for two Uighurs killed in June during a fight with their Han co-workers at a factory in southern China.

Officials have said that more than 1,000 have been injured and about 1,400 have been detained.

Hundreds of vehicles, stores and street vendor stalls were also damaged or set ablaze during the protests, officials said.

In response to the riot, hundreds of Han Chinese rampaged through the city Tuesday with sticks and meat cleavers, looking for Uighurs and revenge.

The Uighurs, an ethnically Turkic, predominantly Muslim group, make up the majority in Xinjiang.

Their relations have often been tense with the ethnic Han Chinese who predominate in the country. Many Uighurs feel they’re discriminated against by the government in Beijing and a Uighur separatist movement has existed for decades.

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3 Replies to “CBC: China closes mosques to stop ‘ethnic’ unrest.”

  1. While I dont have much love for the Chinese Govt its nice to see them stamping on the muslims,if western govts had the nerve to do the same we wouldnt be in the mess we are.

  2. People world wide have to stop pretending a mosque is equivalent in some way to a church etc. A mosque is an outpost and an arsenal, not a religious institution as we understand it.

  3. And, to expand on what Eeyore has written, mosques are also were “da troo balleevares” (the so-called “true believers” in English) get their calls to slaughter infidels and loot kafir homes after their Friday “prayers”, but not necessarily just after those. That’s the “mahoundian tradition of tolerance” in action, exactly the one which Barack Arafat Saddam Hussein Osama touted in his surrender speech in Cairo.

    Mahoundians going after Copts in Egypt; Hindus, Sikhs, Christians and Buddhists in Bangladesh and Porkistan, just to mention examples that I remember off the top of my head, and all it takes for them to react like that is a little reminder of what Mein Qurampf 9, especially 9:5 and 9:29, demands that they do as true slaves of allah, mahound’s imaginary alter-ego. Whether or not one could see any “tolerance” in what they do when they get their hands on those kufr aforementioned, I guess the answer is more than clear.

    It’s funny to note however, that if those mahoundians’ brains weren’t so deteriorated beyond salvation by their unquestioning submission to their imaginary allah, they would try to make sense of why mahound’s alter-ego needs them to do that kind of “work”, instead of choosing to do that “itself” (not himself), from its throne in mahoundian heaven by using its magic fingers, its magic wand or its magic clumps of dry camel poop. After all, if “allah does as it will” and is so powerful beyond both human and mahoundian notions of power, how come it would have to rely instead on his usual ragtag bunch of inbred, illiterate, robed, sandal- and turban- or keffiyeh-wearing primitive savages to do what it is supposed to be able to do with the smallest fraction all of its might? The camel dung they’re up to their necks in could really start rolling back to Mecca if they could muster enough courage and reason to ask themselves just one such basic question about their sick little cult…

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